Radiologic Technology Grad Tatiana Gordon

radiologic technology

After graduating from Rust College in Holly Springs, Miss. with a bachelor of science degree in biology, Tatiana Gordon knew she wanted a career in health care. Little did she then know that it would turn into a career and love for radiologic technology.

Gordon has her sister to thank for much of the path of her future. After the native of Sardis, Miss. graduated from North Panola High School and achieved her biology degree at Rust, she was searching for her next step, something that would allow her to achieve the goal of a career in health care.

Her sister, April Jackson, had graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Concorde's campus in Memphis, Tenn. That got Gordon to thinking that Concorde would perhaps be a good option to further her education and training and get her closer to that coveted career.

"I always knew I wanted a career in health care, but I just couldn't quite figure out what," she said. "I'm a very hands-on and compassionate person, so I did some research and came across radiology."

Gordon said she took an "Intro to Radiology" course at a local community college prior to coming to Concorde.

"I wanted to be 100 percent sure this was what I really wanted to do," she said. "I loved it from Day 1 and after passing the course knew I had found my career."

Her experience in Radiologic Technology at Concorde

It was the hands-on training she received during her radiologic technology program at Concorde that Gordon enjoyed most, she said.

"It really prepared me when I started my clinical rotations," she said. "All of my instructors were great. I always felt I could talk to them whenever I had a concern throughout the program. That was very important to me. To know I was being supported by my instructors made the process that much better."

Gordon said she's found the field of radiologic technology fits her personality perfectly. It allows her the opportunity to express empathy to every patient she meets and offer the skill set she obtained at Concorde.

"I love the fact I'm there to be of great service to each patient and make sure I put their health concerns and safety first," she said.

Clinical-externship leads to Radiologic Technology career

Gordon graduated from her Radiologic Technology program at Concorde in July 2015. She finished her program by performing an externship/clinical at Merit Health Medical Center in Batesville, Miss.

One week after passing her state board exam, Merit hired her.

"Clinical externships are very important because you're basically building your resume the first day you show up," she said. "I encourage all students to take each rotation seriously because they can potentially be your place of employment one day. It happened for me."

Gordon works two jobs today. While attending Concorde, she worked as a research and development laboratory technician at Niteo Chemical Products and still works there. She's also working as a radiologic technologist at Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics in Southaven, Miss.

"I'm responsible for direct patient care in a fast-paced out-patient environment and knowing radiographic protocols and unique projections necessary to assist our onsite specialty physicians in the treatment of their patients," she said.

Recommending Concorde's Radiologic Technology program

Gordon said she would enthusiastically recommend Concorde to anyone interested in pursuing a health care career.

"Concorde's rad tech program has been a stepping stone to my career today," she said. "This program truly prepares and shapes you to become the best radiological technologist you can be."

"Attending Concorde will truly change your life for the better!"

radiologic technology

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