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As part of Medical Assistants Recognition week last week, the Association of Medical Technologists (AMT), a certification agency 75,000 members strong, held its annual contest. Out of more than 500 entries received from members nationwide, five were selected as winners, and a recent Concorde Medical Assistant student was one of those winners.

Human touch with technology

Registrants for the contest were asked to write five words that best summarized their careers. The over-arching theme was, "health care with a human touch." Stephanie Manzano, a recent graduate of the Medical Assistant program at Concorde Career Institute - Orlando, wrote "Wired to heal with compassion." It was a unique twist and melding of the personal touch with today's technology in communication.

"In a society where we rely so heavily on digital communications and social media, it's critical to extend healing beyond the traditional means," said Liane Pardo-Mansfield, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde - Orlando and the person who nominated Manzano for the award. "Being wired represents Stephanie's ability to adapt to various means while still maintaining a personal touch. Each communication, whether by email, blog, text, etc. is always delivered with compassion."

Only Medical Assistant student winner

Manzano was the only winner of the five winners named who was a student at the time of entry.

"I was actually quite surprised when I heard I won because I never thought I would win it," said Manzano, who currently works as a Medical Assistant at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. "I tend to be a little hard on myself, so I don't expect these things to happen, but I was grateful and happy when I heard about it."

Pardo-Mansfield said she knew Manzano was a perfect candidate for the contest.

"Stephanie was an overall awesome student - 4.0 with perfect attendance," Pardo-Mansfield said. "She has a wonderful demeanor and passion for the field. You could tell she had an affinity for connecting with others that were going to translate into the field."

"Without a doubt, all of our students are very much connected to one another through technology. Stephanie is no exception except for her innate ability to help others heal through whatever means available. She is a shining example of what we strive for in a student, graduate and now Medical Assistant professional, and we're very proud of her."

Manzano said, "My experience at Concorde was awesome. I felt very prepared once I was done with my program at Concorde. I felt 100 percent ready for my career. I felt so prepared to be a Medical Assistant that I became interested in developing my career even more and strive to become a neurosurgeon."

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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

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“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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