How One Medical Assistant Student’s Journey Comes Full Circle

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Jennifer Duffey grows a little taciturn when telling the story of how she first came to Concorde Career College. She finds the tale a bit embarrassing, but really, it made perfect sense for her at the time.

Back around the turn of the century, she graduated from a four-year state university with a bachelor's degree in education ... only to find out that schools in her area were laying off teachers.

She needed to find a new profession and find it fast. She'd always been interested in a career in health care.

At that point, Concorde made all the sense in the world.

Coming Home

Just as it does today as Duffey, who graduated from Concorde in 2004 with a medical assistant diploma, has come full circle.

She's combining her educational backgrounds in both education and health care as the new Manager of Programmatic Accreditation for the Campus Support Center at Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

As such, she'll be responsible for working with each of Concorde's 22 programs, ensuring that all have their accreditation in line.

"I'll get the accreditation process going where it needs to and follow through," Duffey said. "I'll also be supporting campuses with any reports, assisting with data collection."

Prior to returning to Concorde in a managerial capacity, Duffey was medical assistant lead faculty at another Kansas City-based career school and, before that, blended her backgrounds in another area university setting, working in curricula development, accreditation and served as academic dean.

But, she first entered the workforce in the office of a pulmonologist at St. Luke's Hospital, a position that directly came about from an externship she performed at the end of her medical assistant program at Concorde.

"My externship led to a job at St. Luke's where I eventually became an office manager," she said. "They hired me the day after they signed my evaluation on my extern."

A Great Opportunity that Stemmed from a Medical Assistant Diploma

It wasn't the exact plan Duffey had when she earned her degree in education. But, when that didn't work out, and she needed an alternative fast, Concorde Career College came through and provided her with the hands-on, accelerated education and training she needed.

"It was close to home, quick, and got me into a medical field," she said. "It was pretty much what I expected. I found out that I'm not a fan of drawing blood. But, I really liked my instructors. And, my externship led me straight to a great job."

"I really couldn't have hoped for anything more."

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