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Lorraine Windom was a content-certified nurse assistant a couple of years ago, working at a hospital in Dallas. But she knew she wanted more out of her career.

"I decided to make a change to enhance my career, level of education and also my employment opportunities," she said.

That decision led Windom to Concorde Career College - Dallas, where she enrolled in the Medical Assistant program.

"I'd heard so many great things about Concorde," Windom said. "And then, when I went to the college I was given a tour and spoke with some of the staff there. I was impressed."

During an interview with an admissions representative, it was suggested that Medical Assistant might be the right choice of program for Windom's employment future.

"I decided to go for Medical Assistant due to the fact that it gives you a choice of being a clerical assistant in a doctor's office, or a clinical assistant in a doctor's office or hospital," she said. "There are various jobs you can do as a medical assistant."

A strong support system

Windom worked her CNA job during the day and attended class at Concorde in the evenings. So, it was important that she make certain her husband was on board.

"He actually thought it was a great thing to do," she said. "He was kind of undecided at first, but when I told him all the great things that I had gone over with the catalog I was given from Concorde, he said, 'OK, you can do that.'"

Windom would head straight to the Learning Resource Center to study and prepare for the next class most evenings after she'd get out of class. She said she received tremendous support from her instructors and personnel in the Learning Resource Center, who were always there to answer any questions or help in any way they could.

"Everything was just great as far as advancing with the program," she said.

Completing her Medical Assistant Externship

Windom capped her Medical Assistant program with an 80-hour externship at a nearby doctor's office in Plano, Texas.

"It was exciting," she said. "I think my first week was kind of nervous for me. But I overcame that. They made it very warming and welcoming. They showed me and trained me in the things that needed to be done as though you're actually on the job."

Windom said the commencement ceremony and graduating was one of the most exciting days of her life.

"I had family come down from Clayton, Texas and in from Arizona to support me," she said. "It was very thrilling. It was like, I could breathe now."

"With work and school, it's something you have to put your all in and be serious about it. When I walked across the stage, it was the most joyful moment of my life. It was kind of like, wow, I did it, and I deserve it."

Recommending Concorde

Windom said she's not finished pursuing her education. She intends to go back to school and finish her requirements to become a Registered Nurse. That just goes along with her mantra of always moving forward, advancing in your career.

"The importance of continuing education, especially in this day and age, is something that one should definitely do," she said. "It's a great part of life. If you have kids growing up, it helps them to know and realize that education is a great part of life."

And, Windom said, to anyone looking to advance their education and career in health care, she'd strongly recommend Concorde.

"Yes, if someone would ask me about Concorde, I would definitely say go for it," she said. "Health care is very much needed today. It's a big industry. And Concorde Career College is a great place to choose."

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