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When Brian Johnson began teaching in the Medical Assistant program at Concordes Kansas City, Mo. campus one and a half years ago, it was like coming home. He was a student in the Medical Assistant program in which he now teaches nearly 20 years ago, in August of 1994. Upon graduation, he went out and worked as a Medical Assistant, later attended Nursing school and continued working before deciding to teach.

When it came to deciding where he wanted to teach, he said Concorde was an easy first choice.

What makes Concorde great

One of the things that makes Concorde great, Johnson said, is the hands-on teaching students receive.

"You can only gather so much from a book," he said. "And obviously, lots of schools teach from books, including Concorde. But we also have the ability to work hands-on. Students practice on other students with their injections, with their blood, draws. And I can tell you, as someone that's been through Medical Assistant school and Nursing school, nurses don't get that same opportunity."

"It makes it tremendously easier when you're actually working with real patients."

Another advantage, Johnson said, was that Concorde programs, such as Medical Assistant, are centered specifically on the skills the students need in their careers.

A Medical Assistant who loves to teach

"It was nice to be able to come to the same place that I went to school," Johnson said. "It was amazing to walk in the door again of this place that I was in 20 years ago, to begin to teach here."

"And then, also just the reward that you get from it, seeing students that maybe struggle to begin, but then later on succeeded."

Johnson said he especially enjoys working with students who came to Concorde with a serious issue, such as homelessness or addiction but overcame those obstacles to succeed.

Concorde a family atmosphere

"I would tell a friend or neighbor that, on their first day at Concorde, expect a family atmosphere," Johnson said. "You have a group of people that work here that really take students seriously. We definitely make our students feel like people, not just numbers. When you get here, on Day 1, you are made to feel special. You are made to feel like you belong, that people care about you."

That's made teaching a Medical Assistant course at Concorde every bit as rewarding as when he attended as a student 20 years ago.

"You have an ability to have an impact on someone's life that is going to be life-long, not just impacting their lives, but also their families' lives," he said. "Their kids never step foot in my class, but they have the ability to benefit from the things that I've been able to teach that student. It's extremely rewarding."

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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Lucy Vang
Medical Assistant Graduate

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lu-Ping Gamble at the Garden Grove campus. They not only lit a spark, they lit a torch in my heart that shall burn forever! My education changed my life and has had a huge positive impact on the person I am today.”

Jamie Troccoli
Vocational Nursing graduate