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The accomplishments and excellence in the teaching of one of Concorde's Massage Therapy instructors recently earned her an invitation to a national conference that included many of the most highly-regarded MT educators in the country.

LaWanda Allen, MSA, LMT, Massage Therapy Clinic Coordinator and Instructor at Concorde's campus in Southaven, Miss., was selected as a 2017 Educator of the Year. As such, she was invited to attend the Biennial Educational Congress hosted by The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. The conference took place July 24-28 in Tucson, Ariz.

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) is a non-profit organization that serves as an independent voice to advocate for and provide resources for Massage Therapy education.

"The goal is to provide an education continuum from entry-level massage training programs through post-graduate studies," said Allen, who's taught at Concorde - Southaven for three years. "The Alliance is the only organization that brings schools, teachers, continuing education providers, and allied health partners together in one place to discuss pertinent subjects affecting the industry."

Keeping up with the changing dynamics in Massage Therapy

Allen said, before going fulltime into Massage Therapy in 2009, her previous work-related skills in teaching were helpful. However, she didn't anticipate the changing dynamics and classroom environment changes that had taken place while she was in massage school.

She said her involvement with the AFMTE and the Core Competencies has helped her with a sense of direction as she's worked on her professional development.

"The self-evaluation I conducted revealed specific places in my skillsets that needed more attention, and (attending the conference) allowed me to pursue continuing education in those areas," she said. "The Core Competencies gave me a sense of what measures a teacher should reach - beyond state requirements - and they provided a sense of direction in my professional development and a sense of accomplishment as my skills grew stronger."

Modeling the standards of Massage Therapy

Allen said, as an educator, she strives to maintain her growth through professional development and staying knowledgeable with current health-related trends. Attending the AFMTE conference certainly helped in that regard.

"By attending this year's conference, I was privileged to be amongst some of the most dynamic leaders and trailblazers in the Massage Therapy industry," she said. "I was truly inspired to continue my efforts as a teacher and that the zeal that I possessed 16 years ago as a Massage Therapy student was well worth the journey."

Allen said she believes other educators, administrators, and therapists in the field should support the AFMTE in their efforts to provide quality education.

"To know that you have a voice in making a difference in the industry through organizational and legislative changes is awesome," she said.

massage therapy

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