Traits of a Good Rad Tech

radiologic technologist

The traits of a good Radiologic Technologist are somewhat similar to those of other jobs, with a few additions for reasons specific to the job, according to Wayne Stellick, Radiologic Technologist Program Director for Concorde's campus in Aurora, Colo.

In addition to having a good work ethic and being organized, a Radiologic Technologist also should excel in the following work-related qualities:

Traits of a good Radiologic Technologist

  • Be an excellent communicator Every job requires some degree of communication, Stellick said. However, the communication skills necessary for a radiologic technologist are of the utmost importance. Written skills are necessary for the documentation that is required in all medical situations. Documenting proper patient histories, times of completed exams and details about the examination can help physicians diagnose potentially life-threatening situations. While it might seem somewhat routine, proper documentation is a highly sought after job skill for any radiologic technologist.
  • Think outside the box While radiologic technologists are trained well to perform all routine diagnostic X-ray images, many times the images that need to be obtained are anything but routine. It is important to understand exactly what anatomy must be present on the image, and it is up to the radiologic technologist to demonstrate that anatomy.
  • Must be highly ethical Honesty and integrity are necessary qualities of the radiologic technologists in the work place. Omitting or falsifying a patient medical history or being lax on medical images completed can cause serious adverse effects for the patient. Any good X-ray technologist should treat the images they obtain as though it is a close relative or loved one.
  • Ready for anything The duties of a radiologic technologist can vary from day to day, and the technologist must always be at the top of his or her game. In a split second, a technologist can go from taking routine, mundane images to being called upon to take surgical images of potentially life-saving images on a trauma patient. Going from low-stress to high-stress can be a common occurance.

More traits of a good Radiologic Technologist

  • Attention to detail Obtaining a good-quality image is necessary to properly diagnose a patient's condition, Stellick said. It's important that body parts are positioned properly and that tube angles, body parts and the image receptor are in alignment. This leads to high quality films, fewer repeated examinations and better diagnoses by physicians.
  • Math skills and understanding of scientific principles There is an inherent understanding that math is a necessary quality for any science-based career. For the Radiologic Technologist, it's important to understand a wide variety of scientific principles. To obtain a high-quality radiograph, the proper technical factors must be used to best demonstrate anatomy with good contrast and the highest possible detail. This involves a good understanding of the body density, anatomy and imaging system. Additionally, not all patients are alike. Changes must be made to the various factors that are responsible for obtaining that great image. The power of the X-ray photons and the number of the X-ray photons used changes all the time, and the Radiologic Technologist must understand the factors that might change these calculations.
  • People skills While many jobs require good patient communication skills, there are a special set of skills a Radiologic Technologist must have. Most of the time, patients that radiologic technologists interact with are at the worst moments in their lives. It is the job of the X-ray technologist to interact with these patients, make them comfortable and have them assist in obtaining good images. Patient care skills are mandatory, but a calm, professional and reassuring voice can make a patient have a good experience on one of his or her worst days.
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radiologic technology

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