Concorde Rated as a Top Online College

Concorde was honored by, which listed us at No. 13 on its recent list of the Top 100 Best Online Colleges. Concorde was in the company of many established and renowned institutions as Oregon State, Florida State and Boston University.

Earning a degree or diploma can be time-consuming. It’s a difficult task earning a degree or diploma while working full-time. Toss in caring for a family, attending classes at a traditional brick-and-mortar college is especially hard. That’s where accredited online career colleges like Concorde come in.

Many online career colleges like Concorde offer programs in which students can earn their degrees or diplomas online. They can do so while still paying the mortgage or simply putting groceries in the refrigerator. Concorde operates two of its 20-plus health care programs 100 percent online – its bachelor of science degree in Health Care Administration and Surgical Technology Degree Completion Program. A third program, Pharmacy Technician, is offered as a hybrid program, blending in-lab training with online coursework.

It’s likely Concorde will be offering more online options in the future.

Methodology for the top 100 online career colleges judged and ranked all major schools in the U.S. which offer distance learning students a selection of online academic programs. It ranked the best online colleges based on the following criteria:

  • 25 percent freshmen retention rates
  • 25 percent graduation rates
  • 25 percent average cost of attendance
  • 25 percent overall programmatic flexibility

Each of the best 100 were compared against each other after scoring based on this criteria. It sought to determine how best they can cater to their distance learning students. Websites were scoured wherever possible to obtain the information. utilized the databases of two expansive sites – U.S. News and World Report and National Center for Education Statistics – in instances where a school’s information could not be found on its website.

Each of the school’s four scoring rates was weighted to determine each school’s placement in the top 100. The publication stated that one of the reasons Concorde was one of the best online career colleges was its use of the Canvas™ technology – an online learning management system that makes it easy to stay on track with your online education.

Concorde is thrilled to be No. 13 on’s list of Top 100 Best Online Colleges. Consider enrolling in one of Concorde’s online programs today!

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Jamie Troccoli | Medical Assistant graduate

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lu-Ping Gamble at the Garden Grove campus. They not only lit a spark, they lit a torch in my heart that shall burn forever! My education changed my life and has had a huge positive impact on the person I am today.”

Trenisha Jones | Dental Assistant Graduate

“I decided to go to school because I was tired of working dead-end jobs. … When I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I needed a better life for me, for my child, for my husband, and just to better myself.”

Andrea Nolan | Dental Assistant graduate

“Knowing I could be working as a Dental Assistant in eight months was crazy to me! I loved going to class and would drive an hour there every day. I’m truly happy that I took the step to go to Concorde. It was the best thing I have done for my family.”

James Harkins | Nursing Graduate

“What I liked about Concorde was that there was nothing flashy. They were very up front, very simple, answered all my questions. They were more concerned with my education than tuition.”

Michelle Cardona | Dental Assistant graduate

“Literally a year-and-a-half ago, I was struggling to make ends meet and barely surviving. Now I have a career, make good money, and life gets better every day. I have recommended friends and family go to Concorde, because in as few as nine months, your life can completely change for the better.”