Meet Two-Time Concorde Grad Amber Wyse


We at Concorde always are excited to spotlight one of our successful alumni. So, we’re doubly thrilled to profile Amber Wyse, who graduated not once, but twice, from Concorde’s campus in Memphis, Tenn.

Wyse, who also served as a Lamplighter while at Concorde – Memphis, earned a diploma as a Medical Assistant in 2005. Eleven years later, she returned to Concorde and earned her associate’s degree in Nursing.

How she found Concorde

“I was looking for Medical Assistant programs in my area and found Concorde,” Wyse said. “I liked that it was nine months and that they would help you get an externship.”

Wyse said that externship directly led to her first position as an MA.

“I got on at one of the top sites Concorde had available, a cancer clinic,” Wyse said. “I ended up getting offered the job.”

Returning for a Nursing degree

One of the instructors in the Concorde – Memphis MA program while Wyse was a student was Lisa Page, who ended up being a great mentor for Wyse and strongly encouraged her to never stop continuing her pursuit of education.

“Lisa Page from the MA program was amazing and encouraged me every day to keep learning and challenged me to start critically thinking and wanting to learn as much as I could,” Wyse said. “The RN instructors were amazing … . They really got to know us and would take time out of their personal days to meet with us to be sure we understood the material or to get our questions answered.”

Wyse said with a smile that she also enjoyed the fact that the campus was close to a favorite study spot, which also happened to be a favorite Mexican restaurant.

Making the most of her Concorde education

A self-described adrenaline junkie, Wyse is putting her Concorde education to full use these days as an emergency room nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital – DeSoto in Southaven, Miss.

“Concorde equipped me with the confidence and know-how I rely on daily in the emergency room,” she said. “It’s always challenging, but Concorde’s program and instructors had me prepared.”

Wyse plans to continue her education further soon by pursuing a master’s in Nursing and become a travel nurse. She encourages all current students to always keep learning!

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Davina Thomas-Clark | Medical Assistant, Vocational Nurse graduate

“I have taken the MA program and the LVN program. Concorde is a wonderful school. There is a difference between passion and a paycheck, and most of my instructors had a passion for what they do. The program was challenging but well worth it. I love this college!”

Jamie Troccoli | Medical Assistant graduate

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lu-Ping Gamble at the Garden Grove campus. They not only lit a spark, they lit a torch in my heart that shall burn forever! My education changed my life and has had a huge positive impact on the person I am today.”