Prepping for an interview? 5 Things to Research about the Company Before you Go!

health care training interview

You’re armed with your diploma from your health care training program. You’ve got the skills and the validation to prove it!

If you’ve worked with your graduate employment specialist, you should be off to a wonderful start in your hunt for the right position.

Once you make it past the application and screening phases, and it’s finally time for a face-to-face interview.

With access to all types of information online, having a working knowledge of the company is no longer a nicety, it’s an expectation.  But what are some things you could be expected to know?

Mission Statement
Understanding a company’s mission gives you the opportunity to address how your skills align with that mission. Your health care training alone may not be enough to make you memorable, but letting an employer know how you can use that training to further their mission will. Find the mission statement on the company’s website, often on the About page.

Products and services
Don’t let what you think you know about a company stop you from doing a bit of research. The images they use on marketing materials may be general, so learn what their specialty is in the field.

Look at the website both as someone who would be a customer and someone who would also represent the brand.

The Industry
Even if you think you are experienced in the industry, take the time to read some blogs and trade publications. You may learn something interesting about your potential employer or something new about the job that will give you an edge. The more you understand the field as a whole, the more prepared you will be to discuss future trends and financial prospects.

Recent Achievements
Look for “Company News” or “Press” pages to find links that tout the company’s recent progress. Ask informed questions about the topic to show your interest and encourage a more meaningful discussion. Conversely, never bring up the company’s negatives or say something like “my health care training taught me not to make that mistake.”

Your Interviewers
Take advantage of LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms to learn what you can about the person or people who will be interviewing you. Press releases and bio pages on the company website may also be helpful. If you have common ground with an interviewer, such as a shared alma mater or love of soccer, bring it up in the conversation! They’re human, too.

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