Can you hear me? Noise Awareness Day

Noise awareness day

Do you hear what I hear? Whether it is an incessant beeping of a car alarm, loud music, or even the wretched sound of nails on a chalkboard, sounds assail us on a daily basis.

Have you ever thought how the daily barrage of noise can affect not only your physical health, but also your mental health?

Today, join people all over the world as they commemorate the 21st Annual International Noise Awareness Day (INAD). It's real. We promise!

Founded by The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), the day brings recognition to bothersome noise where people live, work and play.

What is noise pollution?

Websters dictionary defines noise pollution as, "loud or unpleasant noise that is caused by automobiles, airplanes, etc., and that is harmful or annoying to the people who can hear it."

Noise can cause hearing loss (physical) and stress (mental). With these mental and physical effects on health present, it is important that future health care professionals be aware of the effects of noise pollution and how Concorde Career College can help as they tailor their career paths to impact those who are affected by it.

Whether you're using your associate's degree in nursing assisting an audiologist for hearing tests, or a neurodiagnostic technician searching sound-affected brain patterns, Concorde Career College can help with health careers where you impact those affected by noise.

What are the effects of too much noise in our lives?

The effects of noise on your health are astounding! Mercola reports that even a small decrease in noise could impact health. The analyses suggested that "a five-decibel noise reduction would reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure by 1.4 percent and coronary heart disease by 1.8 percent."

You could be working on top research to understand how noise levels affect heart rates and what steps we can take to improve noises effect on heart health.

How can we take steps to limit our noise consumption?

As we observe International Noise Awareness Day, it is important that we become aware of ways to limit our noise consumption and protect our health. There are three things you can do today:

  1. Become aware of the noises you encounter daily and work to limit them, if possible. (iPod, shotgun fire, ambulance sirens, etc.)
  2. Take note of any possible warning signs. (Ringing in your ears, difficulty understanding speech, muffling noises)
  3. Speak with your doctor about any pre-existing conditions that could be impacted by noise.

To limit noise consumption and protect your hearing, try to avoid loud noises as you continue in your day to day life. Never max out the volume on your TV or headphones to drown out other noise.

If you heed the above advice, your mind, body and stress levels with thank you kindly!


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