Looking Back to the Future in Health Care Trends

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It’s always fun to look into the future. It’s especially exciting if you’re a student at Concorde Career College as the future in heath care-related fields is as bright and appealing as any in today’s labor force. A renowned motivational speaker took looking into the future a step further, making for an even more entertaining presentation. Jim Carroll, who fancies himself a futurist, trends & innovation expert, turned looking into the future on its ear by putting himself in the year 2020 and looking back at the trends that occurred in health care. While the great recession of 2008 brought with it an overall feeling of economic malaise, Carroll wrote that a group of forward-thinking, global health care entrepreneurs dared to imagine “what could be,” and seized the future by providing unique solutions and innovations. Looking back, here are the top 10 changes that have had a major impact on the world of health care. 1. The System Went Upside Down. By 2020, the health care system successfully transitioned from one which fixed people after they were sick to one of preventive, diagnostic medicine. In other words, treating patients for disorders they were expected to contract before they contracted them. 2. Customer Service Became The No. 2 Mission. While Priority No. 1, of course, remains ensuring patients top-notch health care when they need it, there has been a revolution in the health care service delivery, which changed drastically when retail, consumer and branding experts took over a good part of the infrastructure. Instead of the old confrontational model between doctor and patient, it’s now service with a smile. 3. The No. 1 Revenue Source for Silicon Valley is Now Health Care Related. Technology plays an ever-increasing role in health care and, looking back, innovation efforts have been profound and impacted the world in wonderful ways. New products, business models, scientific discovery tools and bioinformatics platforms have provided the foundation for diagnostic medicine and many other incredible items. 4. Bio-Connectivity Reinvented the Concept of Hospitals. The rapid emergence of thousands of bio-connected devices – home health care medical monitoring, diagnosis and treatment devices – allows a good proportion of both critical and non-critical care patients to receive health care at home. 5. High Velocity Change Became “The New Normal.” We now know that the first of the Gen-Connect generation graduates from medical colleges in 2010 were the catalyst that drove massive, fast and furious rates of innovative change throughout the health care system. 6. The Triumph of Device Intelligence. By 2020, most of us found that our “personal health network” included much more than our MP3s, video players and other digital content. It included huge chunks of intelligence from our daily health interactions. 7. Computational Analytics Allowed Us to Rapidly Refocus Resources. Back in 2008, no one believed it would be possible to link massive amounts of information found in the global ‘data cloud’ to the rapid emergence of particular medical conditions. But, we’ve come to link massive amounts of data to geographic insight, allowing for the ability to better plan, manage and deal with complex circumstances. 8. We Adapted to Faster Science Through High-Velocity Structure. Focusing on velocity has brought about a staggering acceleration in the number of new medical procedures and treatments, pharmaceuticals and bio-materials, medical technologies and devices, diagnostics and methodologies. 9. We Transitioned to a Medical Culture of “Just-In-Time-Knowledge.” Given the constant doubling of medical knowledge … it is now estimated that in 2020, the average doctor and nurse refreshes their entire knowledge base every 18 months. This results in the relationship between medical colleges and students changing from a period of short term, concentrated knowledge delivery to one of lifelong, ongoing replenishment and rejuvenation of knowledge. 10. We Rose to the Challenge. The inspiration and innovation brought about by forward-thinking health care entrepreneurs has produced a truly transformative moment in time for the entire industry!

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