5 Study Apps to Enrich Your Health Care Training Program

mobile apps helpful in health care training program

While we never want apps to replace a study session in the learning resource center, a conversation with your instructor or reaching out to a lamplighter, we recognize there's real value in integrating mobile technology into your health care training program!

When it comes to student mobile apps, there's a wide range of them that fall under the broad term of "educational." Get smart with these apps, listed in no particular order. They're available on iStore and Google Play.

1. Quizlet

Wouldn't it be great to have all those study notes in your pocket to take with you on the road?

The Quizlet app is designed for marathon study sessions. It's basic but allows you to create your own flashcards.

Users can share flashcards with one another, race against the clock in a gaming-type format and integrate maps, images, charts, and figures into studying.

It even works offline. Plus, the setup process is seamless, and the interface is straightforward.

2. NCLEX RN Mastery

If you have graduated or are getting ready to graduate from our accelerated nursing health care training program, taking your board exams can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be!

Especially with apps like NCLEX RN Mastery.

The app boasts over 1,800 practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies to help you study at home or on the go.

There's a limited free version, so you can see if it's a fit for your learning style before buying into the whole suite.

3. iTunes U

iTunes U features the world's largest digital catalog of educational content. It's a wonderful way to build upon your Concorde training or dive into an area that particularly interested you to learn more.

Even if you're an Android user, you can still access Apple iTunes U.

It's also a useful tool for brushing up on skills or refreshing your content knowledge on a specific topic area.

Search your topic, touch the screen to read about the course, review the outline and read about the instructor. Read posts and watch lectures in video form. Even get assignments for the whole course!

4. WolframAlpha

Do you ever think about what happened to all those Encyclopedia Britannica that lined the shelves of your library or home office growing up? Well, they found their way to a digitized state on WolframAlpha!

This app utilizes an enormous collection of data and algorithms to answer questions about anything. It also offers linguistic analysis, curated data, dynamic computation and computed presentation. As a matter of fact, it has over 5,000 types of visual and tabular outputs.

See an example of their breakdown of all things related to the heart to get an idea of what a deep-dive on the site looks like.

From anatomy to information to help you become a dental assistant, there's a category that will surely enrich your health care training studies.

5. StudyBlue

Without a doubt, studying is the cornerstone of learning. With the StudyBlue app, you can create quizzes, study guides, and mobile flashcards or select from an extensive collection of student-authored flashcard decks and flashcards.

You can search by campus and course to see if there is already content created by another user. Always double check accuracy before using someone else's materials, but it could save some time!

What are your go-to favorite apps that you've found?

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