How to Maximize Your Holiday Break

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You've been working hard at your health care training for months now. You're due for a break. That makes this end-of-year holiday time all the more coveted. It not only is the time of year for celebrating and spending time with families and loved ones. It also simply is time for rest and rejuvenation. After all, classes will resume soon enough.

Concorde not only wants its students to succeed with their health care training, but it also wants its students to be well-balanced, healthy and happy in their lives outside the classroom or laboratories.

With that in mind, some of Concorde's valued staff members outlined some of their suggestions of how to maximize this cherished time during the holiday break. Read the following information, learn and, hopefully, use some of these well-thought-out tips to make the most out of your downtime.

Don't completely forget about your health care training

Of course, we want you to get plenty of relaxation during your break. But, oftentimes, that means making certain you get your work completed first. Ray Riley, Director of Student Services at Concordes Jacksonville, Fla. campus, lists a few of his ideas and advice he generally gives students on how to maximize the holiday break.

  • Don't procrastinate on homework assignments and projects that will be due upon returning, Riley said. Complete them first, then enjoy your holiday break to maximize your time.
  • Make sure to schedule at least one day for yourself to relax and enjoy the moment away from school and holiday shopping.
  • Plan ahead. Know your daily activities and especially know your schedule to return to class.

Organize break time as you would your health care training

The holiday break is the most joyous, but also the craziest, time of year. The majority of the time, people are running around trying to find gifts, decorating or traveling and just wondering how to make this all possible while trying to grab some needed sleep at the same time.

The Student Affairs team at Concordes campus in San Antonio, Texas put together this list ways to take the stress off and maximize the downtime.

  • Organize and schedule. Come up with a plan wherein everything can come together.
  • Breathe and relax. Clear your mind and enjoy the holidays.
  • Take some time to regroup. Take in a sporting event, go to the gym, or enjoy some family time.
  • Stay safe. Get ready to make this year the best ever!
  • Enjoy the season, because it flies by.
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