Balancing School With Having Kids Home for Summer

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The dawning of May means one thing. Just one month before the start of summer. And, that means School’s out, school’s out, teachers let the mules out! All of which adds another layer of responsibilities for adult students busy with health care training while also making sure their children are safe, secure and staying active. Our Concorde experts in school/life balance – aka, directors of student affairs – point to one word that can go a long way toward caring for little Johnny and Susie this summer while you pursue your health care training. Camps. With summer fast approaching, the best thing for students to do is start inquiring about summer camp options. They’re available for all levels of interests, ages and financial means. “Most schools offer camps,” said Josh Alvarez, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde’s campus in Miramar, Fla. “If not public, then private entities will do. There are public, income-based resources available to help off-set camp fees.”

It's not too late to begin searching

Vanessa Davis-Warner, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde’s campus in Aurora, Colo., said March was the month to begin searching for summer camps for kids. But it’s not too late, she said. Check out the local parks and recreation departments in your local community. They sometimes offer free camps for children. Local newspapers typically publish a summer camp guide. “There also are Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA and YWCA that offer summer camps for kids,” she said. “Lastly, make sure you check with the Department of Health and Human Services. They regulate all child care programs across the state.”

Ramping up resources in addition to health care training

This is the time of year that Concorde’s campus in Tampa, Fla. ramps up its resources with regard to summer camps/programs available in the area for its students, according to Renel Gilles, Director of Student Affairs. Gilles said, with summer approaching, he advises students to check out:
  • YMCA summer camp programs
  • County school summer camp
  • Develop a network of other student parents to trade information back and forth
  • At-home daycare
  • A summer part-time job to assist with daycare/summer camp cost
When it comes to balancing school and having kids home for the summer, Ray Riley, Director of Student Affairs for Concorde’s campus in Jacksonville, Fla., advises students to do the following:
  • Plan early. Seek summer camps well in advance to secure your child a seat
  • Network and research. Research which camps suit your needs, schedule, activities and events
  • Visit/meet and greet. Visit local camps in your area to make sure it’s a safe environment for your child
  • Allow your child to be a volunteer if age appropriate
  • Secure a backup plan. Secure a sitter (family member, retired neighbor, high school student looking for extra cash)

Don't be afraid to ask for help when pursuing health care training

If camp is not an option, then a student must lean on his or her support group, Alvarez said. “Students should start approaching their support group to plan who is going to watch their children so they can continue to attend class,” he said. They’re both important. After all, that’s what the health care training is for, right? You’re trying to provide a better future for yourself and your family. Don’t let the summer months sidetrack those dreams. With a little planning, your loved ones can be properly cared for, and you can continue your health care training!
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