Keeping Focus Over the Holidays

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Keeping focused on your health care training or health care career during the holidays can be a challenge. Office and school parties, shopping for relatives, hosting a few events at home, planning travel... it can all add up to overtaxed brainwaves and attention spans.

The holidays can lead to distractions and stress at work and in health care training which can lead to loss of productivity and increased mistakes. Plus, typical oversight and supervision often go missing during the holidays, giving many employees greater license to let their minds wander.

If you find your motivation slipping away, the website recently published some simple tips to stay focused on your health care training and/or at work. We want our Concorde students, faculty and associates while enjoying the holiday break, to stay on point so that that health care training pays off in the end.

Leave personal chores at home

The most distracting element during the season, according to the Topresume article, is bringing personal holiday errands to work. No one can completely focus on two important areas at once. One or the other will suffer. Instead of using company time to plan personal events, explain to the boss that you need a day or two off to work on holiday preparations.

Try to avoid multitasking during health care training

While it is true professionals need to be able to work on several projects at once, you have to choose the tasks that are multi-task friendly. Never cram two or three projects into one work day. You might think this saves time for holiday planning. In the end, you most likely will make a mistake and redo the work, which wastes more time.

Start fresh each day and clear your mind

Schedule a few tasks you want to accomplish each day. Complete the easiest ones first and then move on to the more complex activities. Nothing looks as bad on paper as in your mind. Each night, mark off your completed activities and take time to breathe. Don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on the immediate. It helps reduce stress and keep you focused.

Limit your distractions during health care training

Remove anything from your work area that has distracted you in the past. Schedule time to check emails each day. If you're concerned about missing an email from your boss or important client, set up desktop alerts for those people.

Tell your family and friends to respect your working hours

One of the easiest ways to keep your day distraction-free during health care training or work is to not take any personal calls, texts or emails. Put your cell phone in a drawer and leave it there until after work. As them to call your office if there is an emergency. Unplug from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook during office hours. Social media and texting are two of the largest distractions to employees. Save social media for home.

Take care of yourself regularly - mind and body

Failing to exercise and take care of your health causes stress, anxiety, and depression - all contributing triggers to office distractions. Take walks during the day. Take some time to meditate. And, be sure to get the proper amount of sleep.

Resist the urge to over-commit during health care training

Now is not the best time to overburden your schedule with extra work. Resist the urge to take on new tasks. Apologize for not being to help now and offer to pick up the slack after the holidays.

Don't be afraid to tell someone no. They might be put off at the time, but your sanity and ability to focus on your health care training or work is more important.

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