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We know all of our Concorde students, whether in health care studies for nursing, dental hygiene, massage therapy, surgical technology or something else, are constantly taking or preparing to take exams. It's simply part of the learning experience - show what you know. Pass or fail, it's up to you.

With all those tests comes preparation, and it's certainly common for students to constantly look for an edge that will help them succeed at scoring well and impressing their instructors and fellow classmates. They're looking for advice or means to accomplish their health care studies more quickly and effectively.

To that end, we present some ideas - "hacks" in today's terminology - that the good folks at BuzzFeed published a couple years ago. These hacks should be chosen wisely, to fit your needs, but could be just the boost you need to put you over the top on your next big health care studies exam.

16 simple study hacks to help you in your health care studies

  1. Use a mnemonic device. Easily remember sequences and key concepts by developing a story or acronym you can relate to - such as, Never Lick Terry's Popsicle, Mother Might Come Home. That can be used for listing bones in the wrist - Navicular, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Multongular Lesser, Capiate, H
  2. YouTube it. Channels like CrashCourse take big topics and break them down into short, easy-to-understand episodes.
  3. Download free apps to study on the go. Apps like Flashcards+ and Study Blue let you make and organize your own mobile flashcards and review sheets. You also can browse sets that others already have made.
  4. Caffeinate (in breaks!). Caffeine helps kick the brain into gear, but you're better off opting for frequent, small coffee breaks, rather than downing that venti before you hit the books... and pop some gum in between. Studies suggest that chewing gum can boost concentration and focus.
  5. Give your notes a makeover. Amp up your notes with colors and visuals, and you'll be more likely to recall details during an exam.
  6. Block distractions. A free app called SelfControl eliminates your access to distracting websites for a pre-set amount of time.
  7. Tackle small sections at a time. Don't try to memorize everything all at once. Learn a new chunk of information every day, and don't move on to the next until you have it down.
  8. Get loud. Reading notes aloud to yourself or with a friend can reinforce the material.
  9. Switch up your space. Avoid studying in the same place every day. Changing spaces forces your brain to reform memories every time - and makes you more likely to retain all that new material.
  10. Complete the reading before the lecture. It's the easiest way to get the most out of class. Plus, you can reinforce the material twice and impress your teacher with your spot-on questions.
  11. Make a cheat sheet - even if you can't use it. Think of it as a crucial practice test. It'll force your brain to quickly recall and summarize important material.
  12. Ditch the all-nighters. The brain needs to sleep to strengthen new memories. You won't retain information as well if you're sleep-deprived.
  13. Choose the right soundtrack. Studies have shown that ambient noise or unfamiliar music can boost productivity.
  14. Stick to your guns. Morning person or night owl? Studying solo or cramming in packs? Find out which works best for you, then go with it.
  15. Actually, talk to your teachers. Just chatting with your teacher one-on-one will give insight into how they think. And, when they're grading later and you're on the cusp of an A or B, it never hurts to have them like you.
  16. Treat yourself. Trekking through a dozen chapters of your health care studies means you get a cupcake. Take a nap.

Summing up

These are but a few of the top, simple study hacks available to Concorde studies pursuing their health care studies. There are countless others out there and dozens of more free apps you can find that can be downloaded to your smartphones. Then, you can have them with you at all times and when you most need them.

Good luck with those exams!

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