Re-focusing Heading Into the School Year

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We know that, for our Concorde students engaged in health care studies, there is no such thing as summer vacation. Classes at Concorde start every month with class terms starting and ending year-round.

Still, summer can be a mindset. The kids are out of school, swimming pools are open, days are longer.

It's simply a more relaxed attitude.

All of which might result in some difficulties at the end of the season of shifting back into full-on health care studies mode. So, we thought we'd help you out a bit by offering some helpful tips on how to re-focus on health care studies - and, also, re-focus your children back into school - as we transition into autumn.

Re-focusing on health care studies after summer

Transitioning out of the summer months can be a challenge, according to Zane Wilson, MBA, CPC, Director of Student Affairs and Title IX Coordinator at Concorde's campus in Portland, Ore.

"After all, vacations, barbeques and enjoying the sun is much needed to unwind and have some fun," he said.

A few tips from Wilson on how to switch gears from leisure mode to back-to-school includes the following:

  • Determine your "D-day:" This is the day where you have set your mind on switching gears from kicking back to hitting the books and focusing on your educational goals.
  • Promote your educational journey: Announce to friends and family that you are back on track to complete your program.
  • Solicit support: Ask family and friends for support in advance. Whether it's an encouragement, a place to stay, transportation or babysitting, ask in advance so you know how to plan moving forward.

Helping your children with back-to-school challenges

A lot of children don't like back-to-school time. It means earlier bedtimes and homework. It also means change, which for some creates fear and anxiety. The website recently published a blog containing some tips for making the transition back to school easier for your kids.

  • School anxiety: The first thing you can do is validate your child's feelings. Ask questions about his or her feelings heading into the school year. Explain that it is normal to feel jitters before school starts.
  • Work through the fear: Reduce the number of “unknown” factors leading up to the school year. Find out what you can about a new teacher and what friends will be attending. If your school offers an open house to meet teachers and organize lockers, take advantage of it. When school starts, help your child by displaying confidence and affection.
  • Create a worry-free zone: Finally, remember that your children feed off your emotions. If you are nervous, your child will pick up on that. Stay calm and confident. Your child will reflect those emotions.
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