Celebrating Men’s Health Awareness Week

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We at Concorde know that a majority of our students at our 16 campuses across eight states are women. In fact, it's a pretty sizeable majority. That doesn't mean, however, that we want to forget about the men. We're just wrapping up National Men's Health Awareness Week, which falls this year from June 12-16. We didn't want to miss this opportunity to increase health care awareness for our male students and, really, all our students in general in the Concorde network. It's important that our male students maintain good health care awareness of their own bodies. Studies show that men have a shorter lifespan than women. But that lifespan can be optimized through healthy living habits, including eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Below is a handy infographic commemorating National Men's Health Month and National Men's Health Awareness Week. It displays some common sense steps men - and, really, anyone - can take to increase the probabilities of living long and healthy lives. Pay heed to these facts, Concorde men! We want to see you succeeding in your chosen health care field for a long, long time. 

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