A whole week dedicated to this? Really?

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There have been books written about it, myths disseminated for hundreds of years and theories about how a three-pound mass could control so much. It’s one of the most powerful parts of the body that we consistently take for granted. It’s not the heart or our lungs, but the human brain.

Global Brain Awareness Week

This week is Global Brain Awareness Week, an entire week dedicated to increasing public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Whether you’re looking to become a dental assistant or massage therapist, as a premiere health care college, we think you’re brain is one of your best assets. And, we’re happy to say, some pretty studied folks agree. Researchers and scientists alike say the brain is made for change and remains particularly adaptable throughout life. In fact, the team at The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives contend that one of the ways to preserve the function of the brain is to, “keep learning.” Their research found that, “learning forms new connections between neurons at any age and keeps brain chemicals flowing. Richer neuron networks provide a backup, or “cognitive reserve,” to preserve brain function longer despite damage by stroke or disease.” With this in mind (see what we did there), read on! As previously published on Science Dump, this infographic gives a visual look at the gem locked away in our cranium. fascinating-facts-about-the-human-brain_51958182522ee
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