4 Secrets from Concorde’s Most Successful Steppers


Can you believe the year is almost already a fourth of the way over? You know what else is probably over, too? 99% of people's New Year's resolutions.

Fitness goals are ubiquitously in the top three resolutions every year like clockwork. Most fail because people don't approach them with SMART goals.

At Concorde, we know how important health care training is because it's our passion. We not only teach it, but we also try to live it. Some days were better than others, but we know that we can't do it alone!

That's why earlier this year, we launched the "Just Walk 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge." Research shows that 10,000 steps a day, tantamount to approximately five miles, helps promote weight loss and overall heart health.

To date, Concorde Associates that are active in the program have logged nearly 53 MILLION steps totaling almost 25,000 miles. Together, we have burned roughly 3.5 million calories and had a great time doing it!

We caught up with some of our most successful steppers to find out what their secrets in not only meeting the 10,000-step goal but blowing it out of the water.

Their advice fell under three common themes:

Make a conscious effort

Remember earlier, we hypothesized that many fitness resolutions failed because they weren't smart? Jami Frazier, Senior Vice President of Operations, makes sure that doesn't happen. She makes sure her goals are strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

"I set a weekday goal and a weekend goal and increase each week by 500 steps, if possible. Knowing that the majority of my day is going to be sitting in meetings, I start early. I try to get at least 5,000-6,000 steps in my morning workout, so by the time I leave the house, I'm halfway to my step goal!"

For Kimberly Rolfe, Assistant Director of Nursing at Concorde- San Bernardino, the key is all about her approach.

"I really just try to walk to places I might normally drive," she said, "I will walk the kids to or from school depending on my schedule... In the grocery store, I walk up and down every aisle, whether or not I need something from it. When I do drive, I park far away. At dinner time, I set the table one item at a time. This adds a lot of steps walking back and forth to the table."

Make time in your day

There's an old proverb that says no matter how hard you look there will always only be 24 hours in the day. For our steppers, that means they can't find the time - they make time!

Linda Given, Campus Administrative Assistant at Concorde - Kansas City said her secret is "walking at lunch every day for 20 - 30 minutes."

"I also have two dogs, so when I get home, they get walked, which is another 20 minutes," she said.

Rolfe also uses part of her lunch to walk. "I set a timer to get up and take a walk every hour," she said. "I always take the stairs, too."

Make it fun

Shane Sykes moved from Mississippi to join Concorde - Aurora as their Program Director of Surgical Technology. "It was always to cold or way too hot to make it outside to do anything fun," said Sykes.

So now, he's taking advantage of the weather to get his exercise when he gets home, whether it is walking the dogs or riding his bicycle 30 miles a week.  On the weekends, he finds groups to play volleyball with or go biking or skiing.

Similarly, when Cindy Navarro is not acting as Concorde - Garden Grove's Dental Assisting Program Director, you can find her at spin class, demoing her backyard, boating, kayaking or hiking. (Aren't you exhausted just by reading that list?!)

She also has a ranch in Mexico that she and her fiance quail hunt." Running after those little guys is a lot of work!"

Make it a competition

And no surprise here, between our 16 campuses and campus support center, as Rolfe confessed, "a little friendly competition helps. I have increased my steps just to try to keep up with the rest!"

"The contest has been a great incentive to make sure I walk every day," said Given. Navarro agrees. The challenge has pushed me to do it daily so that I can maybe win, I love a challenge."

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