A Look at Concorde’s New Commercials

The Concorde marketing team has been hard at work throughout this year creating content and products that promote the health care careers college and highlight all the outstanding programs we offer.

One of the main things we – especially our Digital Media Manager, Gordon Lamb – have produced is a series of video commercials that highlight many of the various health care careers Concorde offers. Over the past eight months, Gordon has traveled to Concorde’s Memphis, Tenn. campus three times and Southaven, Miss. campus once, as well as made several trips to our Kansas City, Mo. campus to shoot footage for 12 programmatic TV commercials. In addition to 30-second TV spots for each of the 12 programs, he also has produced longer, one-minute videos for use on the Concorde website.

“Of the three stages of production, the pre-production, or the planning phase is most important,” Gordon said. “Taking the time to scout locations, prep everyone involved, create a detailed shot list … . It saves a mountain of time on shoot days as well as in the editing bay. I’m also fortunate to work with some of the best industry professionals the markets have to offer. Having great equipment is nice, but without talented people, your results are mediocre at best.”

Before 2016 is over, Gordon will travel to our campus in Dallas and Grand Prairie, Texas and produce two more commercials highlighting our health care careers20160510_KC_01 20160510_KC_02 20160513_KC_01 20160720_KC_01 20160803_Memphis_01 20160804_Memphis_01.

“My hope for the commercials is that we create a message that resonates with potential students and motivates them to take that first step toward a new career,” he said. “Beyond that, I want to help build the brand that reflects the professionalism and quality that a student is going to get here.”

Here are some still photos detailing some of the production process in both Kansas City and Memphis. To take a look at some of the spots themselves, go to the Concorde YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/Go2Concorde.

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Lucy Vang | Medical Assistant Graduate

“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Davina Thomas-Clark | Medical Assistant, Vocational Nurse graduate

“I have taken the MA program and the LVN program. Concorde is a wonderful school. There is a difference between passion and a paycheck, and most of my instructors had a passion for what they do. The program was challenging but well worth it. I love this college!”