Take Care of Yourself: Dental Health for Busy Moms

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We use the term “busy moms” as if there are moms who aren’t busy, but we know the truth. Every mother rushes from one task, appointment and messy spill to the next. And madly, sadly, your daily showers are now only rare events.

With the chaos that is motherhood, it can be difficult to allocate time to take care of yourself, and health care routines are among the first to slip. Don’t let it happen! Your dental health is important; it affects your confidence, comfort and overall health. Follow these easy tips to prioritize your oral health and prevent cavities and other dental complications.


Setting your alarm just five to fifteen minutes before the average time your child wakes in the morning can provide much needed time to take care of yourself. Brush and floss your teeth without interruption during this time. Take five minutes after your children are tucked in at night to brush and floss again.


Using a straw to drink pop or other carbonated or sugary beverages can limit the damaging effects of acid and sugar on your front teeth. Using a straw is one of the simplest ways to protect your teeth from damage.


Scheduling an appointment with your dental hygienist at least twice a year is vital for prevention and early detection of dental problems. Your hygienist will remove plaque and buildup from your teeth, provide education, and bring any concerning areas to your dentist’s attention. Scheduling your appointment on a work day or a day you have another appointment or commitment that requires a babysitter can minimize inconvenience.


A quick swish of alcohol-free mouthwash, or even water in a pinch, following meals and snacks can wash debris and damaging sugars away from the surface of your teeth to promote a healthy smile.


Ignoring a toothache can result in increased expense, severe pain, infection, or even loss of the tooth. Poor dental health can lead to poor nutrition and poor health overall. You need to be healthy to give your children your best! Schedule an appointment with your dentist when you break a tooth or filling, experience a toothache, lose a crown or notice changes in your gum tissue.


The health of your body directly affects your oral and dental health. Take your vitamins, consume a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, get plenty of rest, and if you smoke, make an effort to quit.

Remember:  Being busy doesn’t mean your dental routines — yours and those of your children — have to slip. Let these tips help you put your kids first and maintain your beautiful smile at the same time.

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