Celebrating Dental Assisting Recognition Week

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This week is more than simply the first week of March and the unofficial dawning of spring. March 5-11 marks Dental Assisting Recognition Week (DARW). It's a week that recognizes and celebrates all the hard-working Dental Assistants across the U.S. And, by extension, all the hard-working Dental Assisting students at any of Concorde's 16 campuses in eight states across the country.

The theme for the 2017 version of Dental Assisting Recognition Week is, "Patient-focused with passion and purpose." This theme provides areas to explore for recognition of Dental Assisting students and professionals, the goal being to make the public and fellow professionals aware of the contributions that Dental Assisting makes to public health.

In commemoration of Dental Assisting Recognition Week, our Concorde campuses' Dental Assistant programs will be hosting a plethora of activities and events surrounding this central theme. Here's an example of what a couple of campuses have planned.

Portland celebrating Dental Assisting Recognition Week

Sanja Economou, DA and Medical Office Administration Program Director at Concordes campus in Portland, Ore., said her department has plenty planned to commemorate and celebrate the recognition of Dental Assistants.

  • Today: Distribution of goody bags to campus staff by DA students.
  • Tuesday: Guest speakers - Dr. Daniel Petrisor, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, with special focus on oral, head and neck cancer (surgery); Hannah Rich, RDH, community involvement.
  • Wednesday: Field trip for DA students to the offices of Pacific Dental Services. Students will be introduced to the CAD/CAM system with the Cerec software user interface.
  • Thursday: Raffle for the afternoon and evening DA students, accompanied by cupcakes. Portland campus will honor DA students with the cup of the favorite free coffee, provided as a part of Spirit Week.
  • Friday: Raffle for the sunrise and morning DA students, accompanied by cupcakes.

Dallas also in on the act

Letitia Smith, Dental Assisting Program Director at Concorde - Dallas, said her department has the following educational and fun events planned to commemorate the week.

  • Dental Assistant's Creed reciting contest
  • Field trip to a dental lab and imaging site
  • Crazy sock day
  • DA students will be educating the various programs on campus about their oral hygiene with a visual poster and pamphlets they create
  • DA students will take impressions of fellow students from other programs and fabricate their whitening trays. The day will end enjoying cake and beverages.

And, also, Aurora, Colo.

Concorde's campus in Aurora, Colo. also has an entire week's worth of activities planned.

  • Today: 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., cake in students' lounge, welcome from Program Director
  • Tuesday: Gift bags for all DA students
  • Wednesday: 11 a.m.- 6 p.m., ice cream social in the student lounge
  • Thursday: Guest speaker from Pacific Dental to discuss professionalism and what it takes to get a job and retain it
  • Friday: Cookies and wrap-up celebration
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