Concorde Wins Creative Marketing Awards

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. Marketing Department earned two AMBIT awards for their outstanding efforts during 2015.

Presented by the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association, the team was awarded a gold and a bronze, respectively.

“Last night’s success was not only an outstanding nod to marketing department,” said Guy Bell, Concorde’s CEO, “but also a reflection of the commitment that our staff and instructors bring to their positions each and every day in supporting and preparing America’s next generation of health care professionals.”

Supporting students, spotlighting the brand

Our “Opportunity Awaits” Brand Awareness Campaign brought home the gold last night. Used YouTube to help the Concorde brand become more recognizable to a variety of audiences that might not otherwise encounter what Concorde has to offer.

“We chose the Portland market as this was an area that we already had substantial, long term traditional advertising in place,” said Lisa Pieper, Director of Strategic Campaigns here at Concorde. “We felt this was a great opportunity to introduce an untapped audience, one already searching for a new career path in health care, to the Concorde brand; a brand that has been serving the Portland area for over 50 years strong.

Using 15 and 30 second videos on YouTube proved to be very successful, with a strong percentage of viewers choosing to watch commercial all the way through, hundreds of news visits to our website and new enrollments, Concorde was able to creatively reach prospective students in an inviting, intriguing and authentic way to help them become more acquainted with our mission and values.

Reaching out yields renewed connections

Our second award came from a campaign of emails that focused on helping former Concorde students and graduates develop a plan to repay their federal student loans. Three separate emails were went at different milestones in the life-cycle stage of a student’s repayment process.

“The email campaign allowed us to reach out to former students and support them in all aspects of the repayment process,” said Peggy Mark, Default Prevention Supervisor for Concorde.

The student loan support center experienced a 20% increase in overall inbound phone calls from former students seeking council.

“We were extremely pleased with the outcomes of these particular campaigns,” said Derek McCallum Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Services, “Our team is working equally as hard in 2016 to introduce quality folks to the Concorde brand, while supporting our current students and alumni on their journeys to serve their communities.”

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Kontessa Brown | Dental Assisting Graduate

“I think it’s an amazing school. When I sat down for boards, I felt more than adequately prepared. If you put the work in, your success is almost guaranteed.”

Trenisha Jones | Dental Assistant Graduate

“I decided to go to school because I was tired of working dead-end jobs. … When I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I needed a better life for me, for my child, for my husband, and just to better myself.”

Andrea Nolan | Dental Assistant graduate

“Knowing I could be working as a Dental Assistant in eight months was crazy to me! I loved going to class and would drive an hour there every day. I’m truly happy that I took the step to go to Concorde. It was the best thing I have done for my family.”

Robert Hitchcock | Nursing graduate

“After completion of the RN program I took my NCLEX as soon as I was able, and to my delight I was completely prepared. Now, when people ask, I’m proud to say I went to Concorde.”

Allison Hamm | Dental Assistant graduate

“I enjoyed every second of my time at Concorde. I learned so much in a short amount of time. I spent my extern at Forney Modern Dentistry in Forney, Texas and was hired on immediately. I have now been there for almost four years. I recently was promoted to Pediatric Manager at our Garland location. I give all the credit to this amazing school and my great experience there.”