Working Concorde Admissions 22 Years

22 years in admissions at concorde

As it turns out, Lisa Knowles knew something long ago that Concorde Career College espouses every day. A career in health care is where it’s at when it comes to future employment opportunities. “I was working in admissions at another college, but I just knew that health care was where all the good jobs were going to be in the future,” said Knowles, who’s worked in admissions at Concorde Career College-Portland for the last 22 years and now is the campus’ Lead Admissions Representative. “Through the years, I’ve seen so many students come through these doors, complete the programs and then go out and have very successful careers,” she said. “It’s always rewarding to see people with the desire, but maybe not the confidence go through the program and watch them gradually gain that confidence and excel.” “It’s been very rewarding to me.”

Changes for the better in Concorde Admissions

With in Concorde admissions, Knowles has seen a lot of change to the Portland campus over 22 years, both in terms of physical change to facilities and student demographics. She said the biggest change occurred 12 years ago when the college moved to a new campus complete with more space to add labs and clinical facilities. The college went from offering three programs to the current seven. “There’s been so much change with the diversity of students we have today,” Knowles said. “They come from all different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. It’s just great.”

The personal connection

Over the last two-plus decades working in Concorde admissions, Knowles has a list of favorite student stories almost too numerous to mention. But, one particular story does stand out … for obvious and very personal reasons. Her daughter, Lynn Hopper, graduated from the college’s Medical Assistant program 19 years ago and has enjoyed a successful and enriching career. “I think that shows my confidence in the program,” Knowles said. “My daughter is now 37 and a medical assistant for a urologist. She’s really enjoyed the variety the job has provided her.”

It's all about the people

There’s no doubt when listening to Knowles that she’s had a long-term love affair with Concorde Career College-Portland and working in Concorde admissions. She said she’s currently working with the best Admissions team she’s ever worked with, led by Director of Admissions Jon Rabe. In her mind, it’s a team that practices the institution’s core values, works well together and is simply a joy to be around. “I love what I do every day,” she said. “It’s challenging. It provides me with the competitive edge I need to keep going. “I will do this until I retire … hopefully, with Concorde.”    
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“Concorde was one of my best vehicles that helped me gain the confidence I needed to change my life. … It all started with a vision, a will and Concorde.”

Lucy Vang
Medical Assistant Graduate

“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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