Job Search
7 Tips and Tools for Job Hunting

The way to go about job hunting has changed. Through new networks and technology, we are more prepared than ever, yet overwhelmed to find the right career path and job. Job seekers have more access...

Medical Assistant or Medical Office Administrator Degree
Should you become a Medical Office Administrator or Medical Assistant?

The health care industry is a fast-growing industry in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the time, statistics like that are only good for people who are already active in the...

2 Year Nursing Programs
Looking for a 2-Year Nursing Program Near You?

Have you ever thought about becoming a nurse? Nursing is an exciting and rewarding career that allows you to truly change lives within the world of health care. If you are considering starting a two-year...

How can I find LVN Programs Near me?

Have you been thinking about going into the health care and started to do the searches for “programs near me”? Trying to figure out what area of health care fits you best and have been...

respiratory therapist programs
What does it take to become a respiratory therapist?

Respiratory therapy is a niche within health care that is garnering a lot of buzz. Because respiratory therapy and most all other healthcare professions are expected to grow in the forthcoming years, many individuals are...

vital signs
Do you know the 4 Major Vital Signs?

Are vital signs really as vital as they say? What do they really tell us? Depending on the situation, they can be the difference between life and death for someone in need. EMT’s, firefighters and...

health care interview
Do You Have the Skills Employers seek?

Earlier this year, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner talked about the companies key findings from new research that takes a look at skills shortages based on data from member profiles and job postings across 100 major...

Finding Medical Office Administration Training in Garden Grove
Why You Should Consider Getting a Diploma or Certificate Instead of a Degree

For years, the most common way to start a career was getting a four-year degree. Now, with people changing jobs and careers more often, there are alternate options you can explore. What if you’re already...

medical lab technician
How Does a Medical Laboratory Technician Fit into the process?

Thinking of starting a career in the health care field, but not sure which path is the right choice for you? You’ve been told to look at becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician and not sure...

Nurse checking blood pressure
Try these 5 tips to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s appoint and had the medical assistant taking your vitals say, “Well, your blood pressure today is 115 over 78.” …and leave it at that.

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist
How to decide between Registered Nurse and Respiratory Therapist

Hospitals have lots of teams which include a number of different professions who work together to help patients and improve their health. Two of those professions that work closely with each other is the respiratory...

dental hygiene program concorde career college
3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Dental Hygienist

So you’re thinking about becoming a dental hygienist? Have you ever searched for a “dental hygiene program near me,” but still aren’t sure if it’s the right choice? Let’s take a closer look at this...

Practical Nurse cares for patient in bed
Looking for an LPN Schools near me?

Are you looking for a face paced, in-demand, exciting career where you can feel as though you’re making a difference? Would an accelerated nursing program that can be completed under two years interest you? We...

dental assistant programs
5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Dental Assistant

How many times have you heard someone remark that they “hate going to the dentist?” What if you could be one of the reasons to change that mindset? If you love to help others be...

practical nurse students healthcare training program
10 Interesting Facts You Did not Know About Nursing

You see nurses every time you go to the doctors’ office, but did you know not all nurses are the same? Do you know how many miles a nurse walking in a single shift? Are...

why concorde DA
Do You have the 4 Skills Employers Want?

Even in one of the fastest growing industries in America, like health care, it’s no secret: The job market is competitive. Students who are enrolled in a health care training program at Concorde have a...

concorde career college celebrates national nurses week 2018
Concorde Celebrates National Nurses Week with a Look at its History

Concorde Career College is proud to help prepare students for the nursing profession in our Registered Nursing, Licensed Practical Nursing and Licensed Vocational Nursing programs. Annually, May 6-12th is a time to recognize and celebrate...

health care training interview
Questions to Ask and Nail Your Interview

Your coming up on graduation and are on the hunt for the dream job. You’ve applied and have been contacted about coming in for an interview. Time to prep and come up with the questions...

Med Lab tech
4 Interesting Facts You Did not Know About a Medical Lab Tech

When going to the doctors’ office you usually see the medical assistant, nurses, and doctor, but rarely you see the people behind the doors of the labs. Who is it exactly that works in the...

Polysomnographic Technologist
How Can a Polysomnographic Technologist Help You?

Having trouble sleeping? Wishing you felt rested after a night’s sleep? Wondering why you toss and turn so much at night? These are questions that sleep medicine has been trying to answer for years.  Sleep...

Jones graphic

“I decided to go to school because I was tired of working dead-end jobs. … When I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I needed a better life for me, for my child, for my husband, and just to better myself.”

Trenisha Jones
Dental Assistant Graduate
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“What I liked about Concorde was that there was nothing flashy. They were very up front, very simple, answered all my questions. They were more concerned with my education than tuition.”

James Harkins
Vocational Nursing Graduate