5 Fast LinkedIn Tips for Health Care Job Seekers

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LinkedIn is the job seeking hub of social media. With 35 million potential business contacts - including executives from all the Fortune 500 companies - across an array of industries, it's as vital a tool for job seekers that exists today. That certainly holds true for seekers of health care careers. We want our Concorde students and graduates to get the absolute most out of LinkedIn. How do you stand out among the vast network of job seekers and employers? The website More.com recently published an article that listed six simple and practical tips and tricks to update your LinkedIn profile and make you stand out among those seeking health care careers.

5 LinkedIn tips for those seeking health care careers

  1. Craft a specific and searchable headline. Employers actively search for new hires on LinkedIn. They'll be looking first at your professional headline and summary and finding you based on the keywords in your profile. Post a headline and summary that are creative and concise and that include targeted language for your field. Show that you have a grasp of the trends and goals in your industry.
  2. Recruit recommendations. You need three recommendations to complete your profile, but get more if you can. They don't need to belong. In fact, brief, high-quality recommendations are best.
  3. Become an active user. It's not enough to have a polished, engaging profile if you never interact with others on the site. Much like in real-world job searching, landing a position through online searching often comes down to who - not what- you know. Use the Groups section, which connects you to people in your industry, to create connections and interact with those connections on a consistent basis.
  4. Take your offline connections online. After doing face-to-face networking at an office party, conference or other venues, take all those business cards you've collected to the computer and search for your new contacts on LinkedIn under People. Meeting new people is great, but maintaining those connections is crucial.
  5. Show your industry expertise. You can advertise your knowledge and expertise all day, but what's really effective is showing your skills. LinkedIn offers a space to do just that. Use the site's Answers tab to ask questions and offer answers to people in your area of interest. This allows you to not only benefit from their expertise but also to advertise your own and attract potential contacts.
  6. Gather information. The great thing about LinkedIn's Jobs board is that it lists many opportunities that are available exclusively on LinkedIn. It includes all the information you need to apply for health care careers and contact information for recruiters who post them. Use these leads to do your homework before an interview and learn as much as you can about the company and recruiter before you go shaking hands. You'll appear prepared if you do.
If you're a current student or alum of Concorde and are interested in learning more about LinkedIn and how best to make it work for you, reach out to your campus' Graduate Employment Specialist for more advice!
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