3 Reasons an RT Wants to Pursue a BSHA

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You say you're a registered Respiratory Therapist enjoying a successful career but have found that to take the next step in your career, you need a more advanced degree.

Concorde has the program for you! Our Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration - Respiratory Therapy (BSHCA-RT) is a degree completion program for practicing respiratory therapists who hold an associate's degree.

According to several people in-the-know, going on and obtaining that bachelor's degree can be very advantageous when it comes to furthering your health care career, be it now or down the road.

Career advancement

"(Holding a bachelor's in Health Care Administration) gives you the opportunity to branch out and possibly become a leader in your organization," said Leeann Forsythe, RRT, BHSc, Respiratory Therapy Director at Concordes campus in Portland, Ore.

Indeed, Health Care Administration can be the next step for those looking to advance their careers. Not only do they have the skills and knowledge to be an effective and successful Respiratory Therapist, but they've now added administrative skills that equip them to manage others and understand the laws, economics, and policies of an organization. Not only will you understand the forces impacting health care delivery systems, but you'll understand the effective and efficient management of health care.

"If you would like to go into management in the future, you'll need a BS degree for entry-level," said Tommy Rust, Med, RRT, RCP, FAARC, Lead Program Director-Respiratory Therapy at Concorde Career College - Dallas.

Making yourself more marketable

In a health care field that is growing more competitive all the time, having a bachelor's in Health Care Administration can give you a real leg up in getting the job you want, Forsythe said.

It also allows greater flexibility for where you can work. In addition to hospitals, which is where a great deal of registered Respiratory Therapists work, those with a bachelor's in Health Care Administration can work for large health care cooperatives, at long-term care facilities, even for insurance companies.

"The profession of Respiratory Care is ever-changing, and you want to be prepared for the future," Rust said. "With a physician shortage projected for 2020, there will be new opportunities for the well-prepared Therapist."

Also, as Shana Kent-Smith, MHA/Med, BS-RRT, Respiratory Program Director at Concordes campus in Tampa, Fla., pointed out, respiratory equipment companies typically require a bachelor's degree for an employee to become part of their sales force.

Making a positive impact in the field

With a bachelor's in Health Care Administration, you have the respect of your peers. They have confidence in you, your knowledge and abilities. You can have a real positive impact in your field.

"It gives you the knowledge to drive for positive change," Forsythe said.

A BSHCA-RT also allows Respiratory Therapists to become a part of the collaboration educational team in the hospital, Kent-Smith said.

Perhaps most important, Rust added, "Advanced level respiratory classes will help give patients a better standard of care."

Concorde's BSHCA-RT program is 100 percent online, making it easier and more convenient to stay on track in your education, even while working. Check it out and further your education and career, starting today!

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