5 Things to Ask At a Health Care Interview

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Just like any good book, play or movie, a good health care career interview has a climax, a plot and maybe even a good protagonist. However, as your interview comes to a close, don’t be tempted to ride out the momentum you’ve created. There’s still one more important question you’ll most likely get pitched, “Do you have any questions for me/us?” Think of this question as Act II of a great play: The continuation of an epic adventure. If you answer “No,” the curtain closes and cue the slow clap … if you do however have several prepared, the audience is back on the edge of their seats. When needed to please some of the finest critics (recruiters and hiring managers) try these lines from the sonnet called “Success!”

#1. How is success measured in this position?

What this really says about you: Conveys that when you consider health care professions, you aren’t the type of person who just shows up and does the bare minimum. You’re already interested adding value to the company using an existing system rather than trying to arbitrarily creating your own. This also allows the interviewer to share more about the structure of the company and gives you an idea of whether they understand how to invest in and keep their employees engaged.

#2. What are some of the organization's biggest challenges right now and how can this role help?

What this really says about you: People that are interested in challenges are usually also interested in solutions. When you choose to strategically phrase the question like this, it communicates that you’re already considering the larger part that your specific role plays in moving the needle, so to speak. Additionally, especially in health care administration jobs, it lets you show your prowess as a problem solver and talk about how your skills may be suited to help close the gap.

#3. What's something you wish someone would have told you about the organization when you started?

What this really says about you: You’re the type that seeks to understand. It also is a refreshing twist to the stereotypical “what do you like most about your job?” where the response usually 90%  “The people.” It’s also a good test of whether the interviewer will share something positive he/she has learned about the company or whether it’s something more you’ll have to consider, that’s typical in most allied health careers, like “that a professional 40 [hours] really means 55.”

#4. How would you describe your management style?

What this really says about you: It conveys that you’re confident in knowing how you best work and you’re interested to see if it’s a match. It also lets your potential boss know that you understand the company’s hierarchy. Hopefully he/she is able to be truthful about their style rather than articulating how they would like to manage rather than day-to-day realities.

#5. Do you have any reservations about me or my ability to perform this job?

What this really says about you: You’re gutsy. People who ask questions like this prioritize communication over possible confrontation. You’re the type of person who likes having all the information. The worst thing an interviewer can do is lie and say no when there is something. However, most may use it as a space to bring up objections that hopefully you’ll be able to overcome by offering more examples or by speaking to your willingness to learn.  
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