Questions to ask During Your Interview

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Your coming up on graduation and are on the hunt for the dream job. You've applied and have been contacted about coming in for an interview. Time to prep and come up with the questions you want to ask, but you start to wonder "what are the right questions to ask?"

Most people think that job interviews are entirely about seeing whether you are a fit for the posted position. While that's true, they're also about determining if the company, office or practice is a place where you will thrive, too.

When other interviewees start to coast or completely stall, you can really stand out in the final lap by being prepared with strategic and calculated questions of your own.

Understanding the 'why' before the 'what'

The type of questions that you ask sends a very clear message about your mindset. You have a unique opportunity to show, through the questions you ask, that you are team-oriented, goal-focused and success-minded.

Be sure not to ask questions that are already in the job description or that are available through basic research on the website.

Think about what's important to you about working for an organization. Consider things like your prospective role, company culture, leadership with the company, performance management and opportunities for growth.

It's also best to follow suit with the type of questions you experienced and avoid yes/no type questions. Don't ask "Can I have my birthday off?"

What to Ask

Do ask questions like these:

What will the first 90-days in this role look like? This gives you insight into the department's priority. It also helps you get an idea of this organization's onboarding and training process. It also helps determine if the thought has been given to how your role will evolve.

How will success in this position be measured? Knowing what your job duties are and how you'll be measured are two very different things! A job description may be recycled or have duties in it that aren't really a focus of the actual position. This communicates that you already thinking in terms of how you can make a difference and that you are results- driven.

What's your favorite part of working at this company?
You may get a cliche answer, but it will also give you insight into what can you expect in your tenure. Do they integrate families into work? Is there a good amount of flexibility? Do they have perks that interest you?

Landing the Job

There are plenty of other questions you can ask. The important thing is that you have a few lined out that demonstrate the kind of team member a company can expect you to be when they offer you the job!

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