October is Physical Therapy Month – Let’s Celebrate!

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The leaves are changing, Halloween is on its way, and it's also National Physical Therapy Month, a celebration hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association to showcase the importance of physical therapists and their assistants in the lives of people all over the country.

Why celebrate? Consider that patients who see a physical therapist are having trouble with motion and mobility, which seriously impacts the quality of life. With physical therapy, they can regain and improve their range of motion and ability to move around, giving them more opportunities and potentially improving their emotional as well as physical health. That's something worth celebrating!


This year, the APTA celebration will focus on aging well. As people age, they may find that they cannot move around as well as they used to. They may have pain from arthritis or other conditions, or they may have experienced joint damage from overuse through the years.

Seniors may also be trying to recover from an injury such as a fall, where they damaged a joint or broke a bone, and had to keep part of their body immobile while it healed. With all of that in mind, a physical therapist and her assistant can be highly valuable to an older person who wants to age safely and keep his mobility high for as long as possible.

Improving mobility and motion is also a part of the MoveForwardPT program, operated by the APTA. This program provides information about physical therapists and their assistants, along with helping people learn about the many ways PT can be used to provide a better quality of life to people with a range of motion problems or other mobility issues.


According to a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Medicine, movement and activity levels have a direct correlation to obesity rates. Because obesity has been linked to some cancers, along with strokes and heart disease, the ability to move around and stay active throughout life is very important.

When celebrating National Physical Therapy Month this month, remember that it is because of people who work in the PT field that so many Americans are able to keep active, stay fit and protect their overall health. It is a great feeling to be able to affect someone's life in such a positive way, which is a big reason why people choose PT as a career.

Let October jumpstart your career dreams in the field of physical therapy assisting or occupational therapy assisting. Get started today with a call to one of our career counselors.

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