The Perfect Watch for a Nurse: Combining Fashion and Time Management

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Time management is an essential skill, both for nursing students at Concorde Career College and for those who have already broken into the health care industry. Although many people now forgo watches in favor of the digital clocks on their smartphones, this is not a practical option for the average nurse, who must always know that he or she is sticking to the schedule. Thus, watches remain an important accessory for nurses at all levels and in all job environments. Fortunately, wearing a watch need not be a burden for nurses - it offers the perfect opportunity to dress up those scrubs! And while your workplace will always have a policy and what is allowed regarding your attire and jewelry, you will certainly need a watch to perform your job as a nurse. Detailed below are a few of the cool watches available to nurses and nursing school students:


Wristwatches enable nurses to express their personal sense of style. Many nurses opt for brightly-colored watches with unique face designs. Others choose to highlight their love of the profession with watch faces or straps that feature images of stethoscopes or the caduceus nursing symbol. Illuminated watches are ideal for nurses who frequently work in settings with poor lighting, while plastic watches hold up nicely to frequent handwashing. Check the list for a wide variety sure to suit both your mood and supervisor's policy.


The lapel watch is by far the most convenient and practical type of nursing watch. It holds little potential for exposing patients to pathogens (as in some wristwatches) or dangling in the way (often a problem for those with lanyard watches). Although durability is important, nurses with lapel watches have a little more leeway in terms of designs and materials used, as these watches are not likely to be exposed to water.


Wearable technology could very well be the future of nursing, with an increasing number of health care professionals using smartwatches to improve efficiency and accuracy. In the future, on-the-job smartwatches may be used to offer alerts when appointments or staff meetings are approaching, track alertness among nurses, provide access to patient records, or enhance communication between staff members. Although most smartwatches are currently worn on the wrist, future versions may be designed in lapel styles that minimize potential water exposure. Whether you prefer to dive into the world of wearable technology or utilize a convenient lapel watch with a second hand, you'll always be on time when you have a nursing watch within reach. If you are a current or aspiring nursing student, now is the time to hunt for the perfect watch. It'll help you with time management not only in clinicals, but also as you complete your homework and study for exams. It's time to pursue your dream career in health care. Click the banner below to contact Concorde Career College and get started!
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