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Health care is considered to be one of the most rapidly evolving spheres of society. From new technology and research to regulations and best practices, it's an environment that encourages life-long learning. That exciting fact doesn't just guide our student's paths, it also charts the trajectory for Concorde's health care degree offerings, as well.

Constantly evolving to meet the demand

In an effort to prepare America's future health care professionals to be competitive in today's job market, and beyond, we are constantly evaluating our degree programs. We regularly meet with our program advisory committees, groups made up of industry, educational and service professionals, to vet our curriculum. When we find a need, we work to fulfill it. As was the case with our newest program offering, and first bachelor's program at Concorde, our Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration – Respiratory Therapy (HCA-RT). "This request actually came from a majority of our campuses. It seems, like many things in today's economy, companies are looking for qualified candidates not only from the experience piece but also with higher degrees," said Nikki Fox, Concorde's Dean of Online Operations. "So, this program just seemed to fall in line with the alumni requests and the market demand."

With an Online Health Care Administration Degree

Our two-year HCA-RT degree is strategically delivered 100% online. The overall goal of the program is to give our alumni the opportunity to return to school to earn their higher level degree, remain in the field emphasis of their current career path, and ultimately become more marketable in their field or for higher-level job opportunities. "There are many HCA degrees, but ours is a little more tailored directly to our Associate Respiratory Therapy alumni. The online platform allows our alumni to continue working, and we all know that the respiratory therapy world is not Monday-Friday 8-5," noted Fox. She goes on to say, "A lot of our students work nights, swing-shifts, weekends, and holidays. So, with the online option our students can continue to work and support their family and earn their bachelor's degree all within the comfort of their own home or on those quiet nights at work."

A job market ready when they graduate

The Medical and Health Services Managing field is expected to grow must faster than the national average, with projected numbers nearing 17% by 2024. As health care continues to transition into the digital age, candidates who complete an entirely program could invariably have a leg up on the competition. The online environment creates a different kind of understanding of how to express thought, empathy and research. While students may be working from various environments, they are certainly not alone. "They also have access to instructors and can expect returned communication from their instructor(s) within 24 hours and assignment grading within 72 hours of submission." Said Fox, "Instructors also host live chats for students throughout their coursework." Fox acknowledges the sustained growth that comes from each term. "Several students that I have spoken with have used their degree to help get their foot in the door with the Veterans Administration. Graduates can also use this degree to move into more of an administrative role within their field. Or, of course they could teach!" she said. We might just know a place!
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“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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