Celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

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April 23-29 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. It's an annual week-long American celebration of professionals working in the laboratory, to highlight and recognize their contributions to medicine and health care. It's also a week in which medical lab technician programs around the U.S., like the MLT program at Concorde's campus in Memphis, Tenn., engage and participate in activities designed to commemorate the work done by lab professionals daily. Kevin McHugh, MSCLS, AHI(AMT)CCP, CLS (NCA), MLS (ASCP)CM, MLT Program Director at Concorde - Memphis, said his students actually are out this week on break, but typically the program organizes games and provides meals to students to commemorate the special week. He said, one year, he had T-shirts made that were specific to Lab Week. Medical Laboratory Professionals Week has continued with the same overarching theme since 2010 - Laboratory Professionals Get Results.

A look at the numbers and activities

There are approximately 300,000 clinical laboratory science professionals in the U.S. The profession, established in America in the 1920s, plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis and prevention of disease. Concorde's medical lab technician programs teach students, through a comprehensive foundation of hands-on skills training, to serve as a medical laboratory technician in a variety of health care settings. Communities benefit from work in diagnostic testing that can help lead to patient diagnoses. MLTs also serve to help prevent or reduce outbreaks of communicable diseases through diagnostic lab testing. Organizations and hospitals in America take part in Medical Laboratory Professionals Week to recognize medical laboratory professionals. Events include stands at local hospitals, radio programs, blogs, a five-kilometer run and even a cartoon to promote health care scientists. Medical lab technician programs, such as those at Concorde, get their students involved in many such activities to commemorate the week.

Medical lab technician programs celebrate around the world as well

Lab Week is celebrated not only in the U.S., but around the world as well. As in the U.S., labs get in on the fun on an individual level as they recognize their employees and the importance of the lab. Larger organizations organize celebrations and community outreach events. In Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, there is a week's worth of activities and celebrations planned. There are ceremonies planned, demonstration sessions and community outreach via radio broadcasts, information pamphlets and text messages. Speeches are planned by local dignitaries, including the Minister of Health and representatives of CDC-PEPFAR and the Association Ivoirienne de Biologie Technique, the national lab association. In Tanzania in East Africa, health care and medical lab organizations have planned community outreach by offering testing and educational information on HIV, diabetes and high blood pressure. They also will be collecting blood donations for the national blood bank. A closing celebration will be a parade in the town of Sumbawanga. Medical lab technician programs throughout those countries will be heavily involved as well.

Celebrate MLTs and medical lab technician programs

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is a time for medical laboratory personnel to celebrate their professionalism and be recognized for their efforts. This is your chance to let people know about your dedication and commitment to your profession and to quality patient care. Medical lab technician programs, such as those at Concorde, are proud to step up and celebrate this vital role in health care.
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