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It probably surprises no one that we here at Concorde are a bit partial to Massage Therapy. Although it’s taught at just two of our 16 campuses – in Memphis, Tenn. and Southaven, Miss. – Massage Therapy remains one of our more popular programs. It’s easy to see why. Massage therapists get to apply their passion for improving the quality of life for their patients through the use of therapeutic massage. As a massage therapist, you get to use your hands. You get to move around and work in many different and interesting locales. As a Massage Therapist, you benefit your community beyond your workplace as you eradicate pain and discomfort resulting from stress in the body. You ease the pain and suffering of your clients through your healing touch. Massage Therapy is a rewarding, in-demand career that many enjoy and covet. If you live in the Memphis or Southaven area, or wish to attend school and train there, it’s worth checking out Concorde’s Massage Therapy diploma program. It could put your life on an exciting and lucrative path.

Reasons for training in Massage Therapy

For more top reasons for opting for a career in Massage Therapy, we turned to one of our resident experts, G. Dalton Reeves, BCTMB, LMT, Program Director Massage Therapy at Concorde – Memphis. Here are the reasons he listed:
  • You love to help people
  • You are definitely a caregiver but don’t feel you can go into the medical field because you can’t handle blood
  • Love the study of anatomy and physiology
  • Want to work in a calming and stress-free environment
  • Want to be your own boss
  • Enjoy assisting with rehabilitation
  • Are empathetic
  • Being able to travel possibly with musicians, cruise ships, sport teams … you could even go to the Olympics
  • Feel you are a light worker
  • Driven self-starter
  • Have the desire to be an educator, not only to your clients but also to future therapists
  • And, finally, the multitude of career paths that are available to you or the choice to forge your own.

How long does it take to learn Massage Therapy?

So, how long does it take to become a massage therapist? At Concorde’s Massage Therapy programs in Memphis and Southaven, you can become a licensed MT in as few as 11 months. It might be worth it to check out our Massage Therapy program today. It could be just the career you’re looking for!
massage therapy

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