The Growing Popularity of Couples Massage

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Concorde’s Massage Therapy programs in Memphis, Tenn. and Southaven, Miss. train students in several various forms of the trade, such as Swedish and Deep Tissue. While it’s not technically a different technique, there is another form of massage therapy that is rapidly gaining traction and popularity. Couples massage has been picking up steam across the country. Couples massage can be anything the client(s) wants it to be. The main point for most couples is to have shared massage time as a way to connect with each other in health and relaxation. Robin Blaisdell, LMT, MAP, Massage Instructor at Concorde – Southaven, recently had an article published in MASSAGE Magazine on the topic, “Is Couples Massage Right for Your Practice?” Here is what she had to say with regard to how to successfully present couples massages at a massage therapy clinic.

Setting up for couples massage therapy

Not all massage therapy clinics have enough space to use for just one technique such as couples massage, Blaisdell said. So, many offices utilize creative solutions such as double doors between adjacent rooms or Japanese folding blinds. Blaisdell also advises enhancing the clients’ experiences by adding scents, silk floral arrangements or battery-operated votive candles.

Massage for couples

Blaisdell often markets couples massages by giving them a unique name. For example, I Only Have Eyes for You is a special she ran where clients received a full-body massage and an eye mask. A simple way to upgrade a service is through organic oils or aromatherapy service. A chocolate-scented treatment could be called Couples Cocoa Relaxation Package, for example.

Sign up new clients

Many clients have spouses or loved ones who are hesitant at being touched. Many of those people might change their minds if there is a friend or loved on in the room with them. Blaisdell said it might be wise to try couples massages for a limited time to start. A lot of people look for couples massages in spring or summer, or around holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. The biggest benefit, she said, is the training your staff can get by providing couples massages. Blaisdell said she remembered when she first became a massage instructor, she thought back to what services she provided that made the most difference. Couples massages, she realized, were most beneficial, because she could watch the techniques of more experienced therapists.

Market massages for couples

Blaisdell said put your business Facebook and Instagram pages to work. Create an event for your new service and pay to have it boosted with Facebook ads. If you’re practice is in an area with a lot of hotels, contact them and ask about offering a special for guests. Research community boards that will let you add your event for no charge. “I wish you the best of luck and continued success with couples massage services in your practice,” she said.
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