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Are you looking for a face paced, in-demand, exciting career where you can feel as though you're making a difference? Would an accelerated nursing program that can be completed under two years interest you? We may have a solution for you: Becoming a nurse While most of the general public would easily name nursing as a health care career path, they may not be familiar with the different types of nursing program. Along with registered nurses, a patient may also be cared for by a licensed practical nurse, also called vocational nursing.

Are you considering becoming a licensed practical nurse?

The decision to become a nurse, such as an LPN, has many different implications and should not be made impulsively. Perhaps you have searched for "LPN schools near me," and have come up empty or are unsure of whether the programs you have found will fit your learning style and career goals. While there are many different Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) programs, Concorde's LPN program is one that can be completed in as few as 13 months and prepares graduates to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. In your search for "LPN schools near me," give Concorde a look. You will find our curriculum gives students a blend of academic background and understanding, as well as providing hands-on practical training.

What are the duties of a licensed practical nurse?

Will you enjoy a career as an LPN? Under the direction of a registered nurse and doctor, a licensed practical nurse provides basic care to patients of all ages in a number of different settings, from hospitals to nursing facilities to private practices. Every state has their own regulations when it comes to the exact duties and tasks that an LPN is authorized to perform. Typically an LPN job description includes things like:
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Collecting fluid samples
  • Administering intravenous medications
  • Dressing wounds
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Observing patients' reactions to medications
  • Assisting patients with personal hygiene
With baby boomers set to retire, the demand for qualified entry-level nurses can be expected to increase at a higher than normal rate, which means nurses possess a rare and marketable skill that might serve them well for years to come. The chance to work in a variety of different industries is especially appealing. LPN schools might be perfect for individuals who want to get their foot in the door and work in health care without committing to years inside a classroom.

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