Seeking Support In Your Health Care Training

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We know pursuing your health care training can be busy and filled with challenges. So it’s important to keep in mind … you never need to go it alone. Behind every successful person is a great team. It takes a village and all that. We at Concorde want our students to be successful. So we thought we’d offer a few great tips on how best to lean on your support system when engaged in health care training. You don’t have to do everything all by yourself. It’s OK to ask for help. Earlier this year, the website,, published an article with four helpful suggestions that will take some of life’s burdens off of you so that you can give more to your health care training. The key takeaway – use your support system. They’ll be happy to help, and you’ll accomplish more with greater peace of mind.

4 ways to seek the support of others as you pursue your health care training

  1. Take grocery shopping and cooking off your plate. How we nourish our bodies while engaged in health care training is vital to how productive and healthy we are in other parts of our lives. A meal delivery service can provide health lunches, dinners and snacks. And, it’s healthier than falling back on takeout or the fast-food drive-thru.
  2. Delegate home and personal tasks to others. Assign family members tasks tidying up the house, running errands, grocery shopping or organizing appointments. There also are affordable cleaning services that can save a lot of time with work around the house. Delegating these obligations once a week, or even once a month, can free up time and space for you to focus on your health care training – and, be less stressed and more present for family members.
  3. Invest in a trainer and/or lifestyle coach. We all can use accountability and support when it comes to our health and wellness. A regularly-scheduled fitness class with friends or a family member is a way to hold yourself accountable and give you more energy and make you feel better for when you get back to your healthcare training.
  4. Find love. This doesn’t mean just a romantic relationship. First, learn to love yourself. Set aside 10 minutes every day to reflect on three things you appreciate about your life. Then, find a community who can support you and build on that self-love – friends, family, a partner or spouse, a church community or other group. We all need people who build us up and support us.
Your village is your foundation. Be confident in your own abilities, and then let those who love you help. When things get hard or overwhelming, your support group can help you find that inner strength that tells you that you CAN do this!
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“Concorde for me was life-changing.”

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“Without the support of certain instructors … I would not have pushed myself to grasp the concepts and pass my boards on the first attempt. Once I passed my boards, it was less than one month after that I landed my first Respiratory Therapist job where I am currently working with so much joy every day.”

Marcus Streator
Respiratory Therapy graduate