5 Reasons Employers Are Ignoring Your Resume

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The job interview can be a tricky thing. You study, prepare, do everything you think you need to get the job, yet afterward... crickets. It's the same whether applying for health care jobs or a position in any other field. The head-scratching (or, is it head-slamming?) thing about it is, you never really know what it is that is causing your application to garner any return emails or phone calls. Is it your application? Your social media accounts? Perhaps it's the cover letter. And, if it's any of those things, what is it about them that is turning hiring directors off? It's a dilemma which, if not dealt with and corrected, can result in a downward spiral that leads to long-term unemployment, which in turn can make it even more difficult to get hired. These days, your resume and job applications need to dazzle in a number of ways. You need to effectively separate yourself from the crowd. At Concorde, we want all of our students and graduates to put their best feet forward when job hunting. To help in that endeavor, the website CheatSheet.com came up with five resume rules designed to ensure that your application is not discarded before it's even seen.

Five resume rules for health care jobs

  • Don't use bad resume templates. Don't Google "resume templates," and use one of the many CV boilerplates that everyone else is using. It looks amateurish and like everyone else's application. Get creative and make some unique, that makes a lasting impression. It takes some more effort, but it's worth it.
  • Make sure you're listing the right skills. You need to translate to employers that you're the applicant that can solve their problems. List skills you know the employer is looking for.
  • Lose the dead weight. Don't let your resume get bogged down with useless information. Use what limited real estate you have wisely. Make sure the information you include is pertinent to the job posting at hand.
  • Don't be boring. Answer these two questions. What makes you special, or separates you from all other applicants? And does your resume communicate that? Create a hook that will lure the hiring agent in and make them want to read.
  • Make a serious effort. Tailor your application materials for the specific position to which you're applying. Hit on the major keywords in the job post and describe how you're a fit for the specific job. Get as specific as possible and address the concerns of the employer.
The main lesson is to take some extra time and effort and get it right. It will pay off, whether looking for health care jobs or positions in any other field.
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