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Landing that health care job can come down to how you look as much as how qualified you are.

Dressing professionally, at times, appears to be a dying art form these days. But it's still important when you show up for an interview for a health care job to be dressed appropriately. That might not always mean wearing a suit, however. When interviewing for a health care job, medical scrubs can sometimes be appropriate.

That's what we learned from Paula Barron, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's campus in San Antonio. Barron had a lot of helpful tips on how to dress for success when interviewing for a health care job.

Here's what she had to say.

Dressing for the health care job interview

"When I'm talking with students about how to dress for interviews, I always tell them to ask the employer if they want them to come dressed professionally or in their scrubs," Barron said. "... Sometimes, the employer may want to see how they look in their scrubs or they may even perhaps want them to have some interaction with patients."

"Even if scrubs are the requested attire, attention should be paid to how they look." Barron said, "Make sure scrubs are pressed. Make sure shoes look good - nothing scuffed or dirty and falling apart. Women should have their hair pulled back or in a nice ponytail if long, not just hanging down. They should have small earrings and makeup to look professional, not looking like they are going out for a night on the town."

Professional dress for a health care job interview

If women are asked to dress professionally, they should show up for a health care job interview in a nice dress or skirt that isn't too short.

"There should be no bare arms showing if wearing a short-sleeve shirt, or a shell to be sure and wear a sweater or dress blazer with it," she said.

For both men and women, NEVER wear jeans, workout clothes or open-toed shoes.

"For men, nothing too casual," Barron said. "They should wear a nice pair of dress slacks and a dress shirt, with long sleeves. If they have a suit, that is fine, but if not just make sure what they do wear is professional. If they have a tie, be sure to wear it."

"Ladies, again, hair is done in a professional way, make-up looks professional, not looking like they are going clubbing."

Barron said she always ends with a side note when she counsels students about dressing for the health care job interview.

"I tell my students if they are told to come dressed professional, take a nice pair of scrubs and the correct shoes and leave them in the car," she said. "Just in case the employer wants to have them work with them, they will be prepared."

health care job interview

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