Start a Blog to Attract Employers

Start a blog to attract employers

This is a blog about blogs. More to the point, it's a blog about how blogs and blogging can be used to raise attention for those seeking a health care job and attract employers into wanting to interview and hire you.

Blogs can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can be a forum for getting your voice, your opinion, heard. They can be an effective publicity tool for promoting yourself or your company. Blogs can be "clickbait" for leading readers to other websites or areas of interest. And, done properly, they can be great for getting your name out in front of prospective employers and getting you and your talents known before you ever approach that employer personally or more formally to interview for that health care job.

We enlisted the help of Paula Barron, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concordes campus in San Antonio, Texas for some tips for our Concorde students on how to blog and attract employers.

How to land a health care job through the use of a blog

Barron suggests putting together a student profile/summary, along with a couple of appropriate pictures, to use as a profile. Creative use of this profile - dressing it up with some fancy, health care job-related graphics or fonts - will make it stand out even more.

"I would also put a copy of any diploma or certificate, whichever you may have received from any school attended," she said. "I would also put any awards from school and letters of recommendation you can get from former employers, teachers, and instructors."

"Also put in transcripts, attendance record and any copy of national certifications you may have. Also a copy of the most recent updated resume available."

Barron said the idea is to attract the employer's attention to where they will contact the student and want to know more.

"So in the profile, put just enough information to get their attention and then when contacted, tell them a bit more or elaborate on something you put in the profile/summary," she said. "You want to make sure anything and everything in your profile/summary sells you."

Don't write any content for the blog that is controversial or inflammatory. It might serve your purpose well if you write subject matter related to the position you're seeking. It could be the difference that helps you landed that coveted health care job.

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