The Challenges of Going to School While Having Kids

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Going to college and pursuing a health care degree can be difficult in and of itself. Doing all that all while parenting a child or children and keeping a home together can seem nearly impossible. Depending on the health care degree you're seeking - be it Nursing, Medical Assistant, Massage Therapist or Surgical Technologist can absorb a lot of time, not only in the classroom but in lab time as well as externships and clinical rotations. The challenges might appear insurmountable, but that doesn't mean it's not doable. Remaining diligent in scheduling your time is key. Do that, while being just as meticulous at slotting time for family, and you'll find yourself thriving in your studies. We want our students with families at Concorde to succeed. So, for some expertise on this subject, we sought the advice of Stacie Williams, Director of Student Affairs at Concorde's campus in San Antonio, Texas.

Fitting a health care degree in with family time

"If you have a child, you know that going to school can be difficult," Williams said. "It requires short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain." Williams said finding affordable childcare often is the biggest hurdle students with children face. "These students should visit the Student Affairs Department to get resources for childcare," she said. "Often, these resources are limited and students are placed on waiting lists. Sometimes, students do not qualify for assistance. In these instances, many students rely on their family and friends to assist them with babysitting while they are in school."

Making time for the kids

Another challenge is making time for your children, Williams said. "Often, students stay after school to complete projects," she said. "Once you are home, you have homework. Sometimes, students involve their children in study time. Children love to be involved in anything their parents are doing. Use mealtime as an opportunity to talk about your child's day. Weekends are sacred and are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your child."

Rely on support systems ... like Concorde's Student Affairs Department

Balancing school and family obligations is a challenge. That's why it's important to rely on your support system while you are in school, Williams said. "Your time is limited, so make every moment with your child count," she said. "See Student Affairs if you are needing extra support while you are in school."
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