Tips on Landing a Job From HR Recruiters

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There are many ways to land that job you always have dreamed of. The same goes for health care careers. There’s no replacement for the well-written resume or refined personal interview technique. Sometimes, however, you have to find a way to get through the employer’s human resources (HR) department and their recruiters before even getting a chance at interviewing with a perspective supervisor. With that in mind, we thought we’d pick the brain of one of our own Concorde HR recruiters as to the best way to break through that initial barrier and get your name in front of a hiring director. Hopefully, this helps you break through that HR ceiling and land the job in health care careers you’ve always wanted.

Tips on landing health care careers from HR recruiters

“Talk to friends, colleagues and ex-bosses, first and foremost,” said Marianne Morgan, Recruiting and Human Resources Manager at Concorde’s Campus Support Center in Mission, Kan. “Most job opportunities come from your network or extended network. Don’t ever underestimate your network.” Morgan suggests every job applicant complete a self-assessment. Think about the kind of job that suits you, what will challenge you and fulfill you. Ask yourself what you’re willing to forego leaving your current role if you are going to change jobs (vacation, seniority). She also suggests carefully reviewing your resume. “Update it regularly,” Morgan said. “It is always a working document. Have a proof reader and some that knows you professionally. Most of us don’t like to toot our own horn, so have a trusted co-worker review who knows your accomplishments and can recommend things to add or delete.”

Don't underestimate social media when pursuing health care careers

Don’t underestimate your LinkedIn profile, Morgan said. Make sure to update it regularly. “Also, make sure your profile photo is a professional one,” she said. “Build connections regularly. You want to have 50-100 connections at least to be noticed by recruiters. Make sure your email account is linked to is a current one, one you check regularly so messages don’t sit in your inbox not being noticed.”

Once contacted, prepare yourself

Once you’re called for an interview, make sure to respond or call back the scheduler in a timely fashion, Morgan said. Then, start your research. Research what the company does, how many employees. What does the company culture look like on social media? Review your LinkedIn connections and see if any can help you with this position. “If they start with a phone interview, remember, this is not a time to sell your personality,” Morgan said. “This phone interview is to verify your experience, your education, your salary and your ability to do the job. Listen closely and answer concisely; don’t be long-winded. “Remember to be respectful to this person on the other end. They are your first impression. Always be timely for the call and cancel with plenty of time if needed.”
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