Using LinkedIn When Job Searching

using LinkedIn when job searching

In today's internet world, searching for a job isn't what it used to be. Especially when it comes to searching for health care careers, it's vital that you use all avenues and advantages available, which are numerous.

That includes LinkedIn.

As important as a resume and cover letter

Potential employers search the web for any and all information about potential candidates and having a profile on LinkedIn should be considered as important as a good resume and cover letter, said Joan Kilna, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's campus in Portland, Ore.

"With LinkedIn, you can show that you are reading professional periodicals, demonstrate an interest in specific organizations, connect to other Concorde graduates and have the opportunity to show how well you communicate on a professional level," Kilna said. "LinkedIn is an opportunity to learn about organizations that you want to apply to, and you should be sure to send link requests to potential employers.

"LinkedIn also has a tab for job postings to help you in your job search."

Ways to use LinkedIn when searching for health care careers

LinkedIn is a massive database, and within its countless records are critical elements in your job search. Of course, before using LinkedIn, it's important to have first contacted the prospective employer and done some other internet research to learn more about the company.

Using LinkedIn, you can see who your friends know, where people have been and what they're interested in, what people are talking about. In fact, LinkedIn can save you hours that you used to have to spend at the library or on some corporate database, doing research.

Here are a few ways to use LinkedIn to help your job search, according to a May 2014 article in Forbes.

  • Make your headline count - Your name and headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will first see when he or she conducts a search. This is your online brand.
  • Follow your target companies - That way, you'll hear anything new they have in the works
  • Find the hiring manager - Use the Advanced People Search feature
  • Get the 411 on your next boss - Learn who this person is, what he or she cares about and what they might be up against on the job
  • Broaden your network - Who in your network might be connected to the company of interest

Helping you prepare for the interview

Once you've used LinkedIn to help you get an interview, it can be a further resource when preparing for that interview.

"When preparing for interviews, reviewing the organization's LinkedIn is a great way to find little details to bring up during that conversation," Kilna said.

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