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"Whereas mankind owes to the child the best it has to give." - Declaration of the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations in 1959

How we treat and raise our children will affect the future of our country and of the world we live in. Providing health care is one of the many ways we can support these tiny, precious humans that are at the mercy of the adults who run things. Quality of care and access to care are two phrases thrown around a lot when there is any type of discussion surrounding developed nations and providing health care to children. The U.S. is considered a developed nation, and it is our responsibility to provide quality care and access to care to our children.

The 21 health care career programs offered at Concorde all have aspects which help provide quality health care to children. Whether it's Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technology or others, caring for children is the highest of their callings.

Health care careers a direct link to helping children

Being part of a rewarding health care career is a direct link to fulfilling the social responsibility of caring for our children, according to Christiana McPhail, MBA, RDH, BAAS, Academic Dean at Concorde Career College-San Antonio.

"Health care careers in medicine and dentistry all have oaths to protect and serve the patients," McPhail said. "There are many schools that offer careers in the medical and dental fields, and schools that have these programs should commit to a standard of excellence in the respective fields."

Concorde commits to these patients by teaching students through high caliber training in rewarding health care careers such as Dental Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant and Radiologic Technologist.

"A career in one of these rewarding fields that help others is truly the source of a legacy that I myself am so proud to be a part of," McPhail said. "I believe that true service is helping those who are helpless. I want to be part of something great, and changing lives to better the communities we live in and the children we serve is extraordinary."

Changing worlds through health care careers

McPhail goes on to say, "I look into the eyes of my children every day when I drop them off at school, and I say a prayer for their safety and say a prayer for all the lives that play a part in helping and supporting my beautiful little ones as they grow to become adults. Life is so precious, and children look at the world through the eyes of wonderment and excitement. We need to look at our children and learn from their innocence and sense of adventure and hope. We need to take care of their needs, support their talents and encourage them. In doing so, we support the future."

McPhail closed with a quote from former President John F. Kennedy: "Children are the living messages we send to a time we cannot see."

With its 21 health care careers, Concorde is committed to creating the next generation of great health care practitioners, who in turn will care for and support the health needs of future generations.

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