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With health care continuing to grow because of an aging population and people getting sick and facing health problems, there are numerous entry-level health care positions and paths in today's workplace. And many of those health care careers might be just the right fit for many of our Concorde students and graduates.

According to Matthew Thomas, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's campus in Aurora, Colo., some of those entry-level health care professions include: licensed practical nurse (LPN), certified nursing assistant, medical assistant, medical office assistant, medical laboratory technician, patient service representative, health information manager, pharmacy technician, and home health aide.

"With all those positions, there are many directions and programs from which to choose," Thomas said. "Some of the more common routes are to become a Medical Assistant and then continue on to become an LPN or RN. A lot of folks also become certified nursing assistants and home health aides and work full-time or part-time schedules since patients have various needs and time frames."

"Entering into these jobs can be a good way to get exposure to taking care of someone without having to go through too much education."

Take advantage of opportunities

To get started in an entry-level health care position, there are several opportunities that can assist a motivated person in getting their foot in the door, according to Apryl Remmer, RDA, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's campus in San Diego.

One way is through a volunteer/shadow program, whereby students can follow a professional through the day at work and experience what it's like in a real-world setting.

Another great way to get experience is through the types of externship/clinical programs such as those offered at Concorde.

"The benefit of these programs is the student will get credit for school and the potential employer has the ability to mold and train the new candidate to meet their expectations," Remmer said. "In a sense, this would be considered a long working interview for the student to demonstrate how they will fit into the office."

Paula Barron, Graduate Employment Specialist at Concorde's San Antonio, Texas campus, said she always tells students to take entry-level health care careers if offered.

"will have students turn down an entry-level job offer because of the pay or it's not where they want to be for a long time," Barron said. "I always tell them to take that job offer. They can be gaining experience in their field, keeping their skills sharp and earning a paycheck. We can still keep looking and marketing them for other jobs."

"Just because they take an entry-level job doesn't mean they have to retire there. Entry-level health care jobs are great to do six months or a year. That experience will look great on a resume."

Plus, Barron points out, entry-level jobs can lead to advancement, more income and better things to come.

"That entry-level health care job you turn down just might be the job that could have turned your career around," she said.

Health care careers to suit your wants and needs

As Thomas further points out, folks that want to be in health care, but struggle with the blood and guts part of it, can consider being a patient service representative, medical office administrator/professional or health information manager. Those are more administrative roles and usually, don't require years of education.

"All in all, if you want to get into the health care field, there are many avenues to research and look into depending on your interests and desires," Thomas said. "Compassion and a caring spirit for others are some of the necessary soft skills you must possess to be successful. The technical aspects can be learned in accelerated programs and various educational environments."

"One thing is for sure ... in addition to those qualities mentioned, health care is a field that requires one trait above all others - empathy."

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