5 Podcasts for Health Care Minds

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 â€œI maintained my edge by always being a student; you will always have something new to learn.” – Jackie Joyner Kersee, Olympic Track and Field star In the busyness of today’s world, learning is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you’re in the classroom, at a service learning project or facing one of life's many challenges, being committed to the pursuit of knowledge is the paradigm of champions, especially when it comes to succeeding in health care careers.

The case for Podcasts

Part of being successful in any health care careers is learning to work smarter and not necessarily harder. One way to do that is by downloading and listening to Podcasts. They’re perfect, concentrated bursts of learning, on a particular topic that you can incorporate on your drive to one of Concorde Career Colleges’ 16 campuses, while you’re cleaning your house or when you’re winding down after a long day of pursuing a health care degree or working in a health care career. Podcasts combine efficiency, topical learning and the best minds in the world to help you expand your horizons.

Podcasts for the healthful mind

  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts– According to the Nurses Journal, “This is a podcast that describes some of the top medical stories of the week. This is designed for people who want to be as informed as possible regarding their health care.”
  2. The Checkup – Do you crave variety? This one-stop shop podcast channel, hosted by health reporters Carey Goldberg and Rachel Zimmerman, cover a range of health topics in a lively, investigative way.
  3. The Nursing Show – Catering specifically toward nurses, this weekly podcast combines news, interviews, tips, medication and commentary information to keep nurses is the know.
  4. TedTalks Science and Medicine – Straight from TED and TEDx conferences, the world’s most interesting scientists, doctors and medical researchers share their discoveries and visions. They tackle some of the world’s most vexing questions in an engaging, entertaining manner in under 20 minutes.
  5. Best Science Medicine Podcast – BS without the BS – They call themselves the Medication Myth Busters. Two doctors from Canada approach topics regarding health care careers in a practical, entertaining way with a healthy dash of skepticism.
Podcasts can serve as a springboard to carry networking conversation, deliver depth of a classroom discussion or perhaps dazzle a panel of interviewers who are surprised and impressed by your impetus to pair real-world happenings with your classroom learnings. These are five out of literally hundreds of choices. What about you? Do you have a favorite podcast that enriches your health care degree? Share with us in the section below!
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