A Force For Good: Nurses in Science Fiction

Nurses in Science Fiction

The medical community is eagerly awaiting the new Star Wars movie, which in addition to classic characters, will feature several new faces, along with the production stylings of sci-fi genius J.J. Abrams. Nursing students at Concorde Career College hope the movie will include some mention of the health care industry, which plays a prominent role in several science fiction movies, television series, and books. Check out the following science fiction hits, all of which feature fascinating nurses:

There are multiple nurses in the Star Wars universe, but not all of them are human. A droid named (appropriately enough) Nurse appears in the novelized version of The Clone Wars. This unfortunate nurse is charged with the difficult task of caring for Jabba the Hutt. Additionally, a human nurse named Tal appears in the novel The Old Republic: Deceived. He works in a medical facility on the planet of Coruscant and is on duty while Eleena Daru is a patient.
Christine Chapel is by far the most memorable nurse from Star Trek. She begins her career as a nurse aboard the USS Enterprise, eventually transitioning into the role of doctor under Captain Kirk's command. Although she is passionate about the medical field, Chapel first became a nurse in hopes of being reunited with her fiancé, who disappeared during an expedition to Exo III.
Medical professionals are in short supply on Galactica. There is only one trained physician, and he is often called on to act as Surgeon General. Thus, like many real-world nurses, Layne Ishay must step up and provide medical care in a variety of emergency situations. This includes halting William Adama's internal bleeding following an assassination attempt, helping Sherman Cottle deliver a Cylon-human hybrid baby, assisting with brain surgery, and offering medical advice for a mission to The Colony. A typical day on the job for Ishay may not be exactly like a normal workday for nurses on Earth, but the variability of her job largely reflects the diverse nature of the nursing profession.
Many Doctor Who fans miss the days of the Ponds and the Eleventh Doctor. They especially miss Rory Williams, the nurse known for his love of Amy and his numerous deaths. But Rory was by no means the only nurse to make an impression on Whovians. When David Tennant was the Doctor, viewers witnessed humanoid cats in nursing uniforms, otherwise known as Catkind nurses. Unlike Rory, these nurses are unethical; they use human clones as research tools, infecting them with deadly diseases and eventually euthanizing them. Not all science fiction nurses are stellar examples of professionalism, but what they lack in ethics, they make up for in intrigue. Many sci-fi nurses, however, serve as excellent examples of the courage and compassion all medical professionals should strive to demonstrate. Be a part of the nursing industry's promising future -- check out the nursing programs at Concorde Career College.
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