How Employers Can Help Pay for School

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You've worked hard in health care careers for years now and decided it was time to go back to school, get another degree and improve your prospects for promotion or a better, higher-paying position. The only roadblock to this plan? How to pay for it. But did you know that many employers have programs or will agree to help defer many of the costs involved with returning to school?

It's more prevalent than you think for health care careers

"Most companies offer tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package for their full-time staff," said Josh Alvarez, Director of Student Affairs at Concordes Miramar, Fla. campus. "In health care, we see this generally with hospitals. In most instances, there is a probationary period before this benefit can be utilized." Alvarez added that, typically, certain there are certain stipulations that can apply for the student to obtain tuition assistance.
  • The area of study needs to be relevant to health care, etc.
  • There is a grade or pass requirement
  • Yearly maximum benefit or possible employee cap for the benefit

What are the best ways for employees to approach employers about this?

The best time to discuss this benefit is typically upon receipt of the job offer, Alvarez said. "Typically, we do not want graduates to let employers know they plan on going back to school as this may discourage them from hiring our candidate," he said. "Employers are more focused on hiring someone who will stick, not someone who plans on leveraging this benefit to leave their department and go elsewhere."

Are there certain health care careers where employers tend to help with tuition more than others?

"Primarily, our clinical programs are best suited for such a benefit since they are usually hired in hospitals," Alvarez said. "However, most large corporations do have some sort of tuition assistance program, which our core students can take advantage of as well." "Companies such as Great Expectations (Dental Assistant) or Pediatric Associates (Medical Assistants/Medical Office Administrators) have such benefits."
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